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  • Parenting Teens in the 21st Century

    21 December 2010

    Reasons Parenting Teens in the 21st Century Makes Me Want to Scream When I was 14, I gave my mother hell. For an entire year, I moped, I sulked, I whined and then I bought a Walkman (remember those?) and listened to REO Speedwagon (remember them?) while...

  • Nurture the Introverted Teenager

    22 December 2010

    Six girls sit around a table, talking and enjoying after-school snacks. One tells a story with great wit, and the others respond by laughing out loud until they have tears in their eyes. Their classmates at school would hardly recognize them. They consider...

  • Annoying Teen Habits

    26 December 2010

    OK, so I have to get these off my chest. I love teens and work with them all day everyday, but there are a few things they do that drive me (and I hear parents) up the wall. Some of these are just plain gross…and I am sure I did them too. Disclaimer:...

  • Media Habits Teenagers Have

    04 January 2011

    Nielsen recently shared some findings from its report on how teens use media. Interestingly enough, the results don't live up to the stereotypical "teens are always texting" scenario. "The media experience is broadening for all consumers, not just teens,"...

  • Friends Every Woman Has

    10 January 2011

    No one ever said dating was easy. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect woman, along come her friends to complicate your happiness. When dealing with your burgeoning relationship, it’s important to understand that there are five friends that every...

  • You Must Tell Your Teenage Girl

    13 January 2011

    The teenage years can be a constant battle. Author Kaz Cooke reveals the essential information you should give your daughter to help you both survive The truth about spots Tell your daughter that spots or blackheads are not caused by these things: greasy...

  • You Must Tell Your Teenage Girl

    13 January 2011

    The teenage years can be a constant battle. Author Kaz Cooke reveals the essential information you should give your daughter to help you both survive The truth about spots Tell your daughter that spots or blackheads are not caused by these things: greasy...

  • Connecting With Teenagers

    16 January 2011

    Tweens are emerging teens, but they're still children. They'll astonish you with their ability to conceptualize, to argue brilliantly, and then to do foolish things. The biggest danger for tweens is losing the connection to parents while struggling to...

  • Talking To Your Teenagers

    17 January 2011

    COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR KIDS Most kids, once they hit the tween years, regretfully report that there are things about which they can't talk with their parents, either because their parents won't listen, won't understand, or will over-react. As a parent,...

  • Girls Get a Sexy Look

    20 January 2011

    Many people think that curves are what make girls hot, but abs can really do the trick. Plus it makes you look buff! Steps Try the bicycle workout. This can really help you get abs, fast. Lie on your back (with your back all the way on the floor), lift...

  • Parenting Special Children

    30 January 2011

    "Special Needs" is an umbrella underneath which a staggering array of diagnoses can be wedged. Children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound mental retardation; food allergies or terminal illness; developmental delays that...

  • Successful Special Parents

    01 February 2011

    Parenting is demanding, joyous, exhausting and fulfilling. If you are parenting a special needs child you can double the emotions – and the exhaustion. It is no secret that special needs children need special parents, but what qualities do these parents...

  • Making Children Feel Special

    02 February 2011

    Parents often ask us about how to build healthy self-esteem in a child. Moms and dads coping with the hectic schedules and the demands of daily life with a toddler or preschooler wonder if they are doing enough to make their kids feel special. We tell...

  • Learning Your Baby Has Special Needs

    03 February 2011

    Don't be afraid to grieve. Arm yourself with accurate information to become an effective advocate for your child. Take care of yourself. Actively seek support groups. Celebrate your child's abilities. This sound advice comes from parents of children with...

  • Parenting Complex Children

    09 February 2011

    As the parent of a complex special needs child, you fight everyday for your son or daughter. At times, it feels like a war zone with many battlefields; at home, school, and in the community. You may be treated like “only the dumb parent” when you explain...

  • Autism

    10 February 2011

    What Is Autism? Autism is a severe developmental disability that generally begins at birth or within the first three years of life. It is the result of a neurological disorder that changes the way the brain functions -- causing delays or problems in many...

  • Symptoms of Autism

    11 February 2011

    The symptoms of autism spectrum disorders vary from person to person. One person with autism may be very verbal, bright and engaged, while another is non-verbal, intellectually challenged and almost entirely self-absorbed. In addition, people with autism...

  • Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities

    16 February 2011

    If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you may immediately begin thinking about school — homework, tests, projects — and wondering how your kid will get through. How can you make sure your child has the best chance to reach his or...

  • Speech Disorders in Children

    19 February 2011

    Top 10 Speech Disorders in Children Stuttering - One of the top speech disorders in children that concerns parents is stuttering, and the speed and degree of the stutter will vary from one child to the next. This disorder can have either a physical or...

  • Speech Development & Delays

    21 February 2011

    Speech Delays Overview We eagerly await our children's first words, so it can be disappointing -- and worrisome -- if they're slow to come. But the good news is that most kids who seem to talk "late" catch up without any problems by the time they're around...

  • Communication Disorders & Treatment

    02 March 2011

    What are communication disorders? There are several different types of communication disorders, including the following: Expressive language disorder Expressive language disorder identifies developmental delays and difficulties in the ability to produce...

  • Happy XX10

    01 January 2010

    Happy XX10

  • Your Anger and Your Relationship - III

    03 January 2010

    Your Anger and Your Relationship - III Part 1 Part 2

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