What makes a successful marriage

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What makes a successful marriage

    Men were supposed to be strong, silent, competent, unemotional, problem-solvers, good providers, handy around the house and protectors to discuss the business of the marriage is helpful and indicates that the marriage is a high priority in their life. The foundation of all good relationships is trust, and trust isn’t something that is automatically given. Happy couples have high standards for each other even as newlyweds. Everybody desires to marry and live peacefully ever after. Relationships in which people ‘never fight’ aren’t always as blissful as they seem. Most society’s only teach you the fact that marriage is forever. 

Successful couples provide support to each other when times are though, and they have fun together when times are good. A successful relationship is typically built on communication, openness and honesty. a marriage is successful if both people are in love and are happy together. Try to receive "yes" when you will propose to someone for marriage. If you want successful marriage you have to be justify with your spouse. Successful couple discuss about their expectation, goal, choices, living style, dreams before marriage. 

Tips for making marriage successful 
  • Reduce stress on your marriage
  • Keep alive the romantic, idealized images of falling in love, while facing the sober realities of the changes wrought by time.
  • Promise to stop the affair
  • Compliment and affirm your spouse.
  • Do not make a small problem look big in a relationship.
  • Always give respect to your partner's opinion.
  • Keep in good communication for understanding each other.
  • Try to be a best friend of your spouse.
  • Try to schedule regular date and time together.

Successful marriage means dating your spouse
Marriage is the bond between two people, a man and woman who shares their every aspect together ally. Both people must be honest and understanding with each other. Both partner must be able to talk with each other. They must talk and share feeling with each other it will help to build the boundaries to the marriage. There are some ups and down in every ones life but solution can be drawn by simplest way of talking. Loving communication turns into deadly silence. Marriage is the union of body, mind and soul of one man and one woman.

Secrets to a Successful Marriage
Normally marriage is hard work. Adjustment and compromise is the secret key for successful marriage. Here two people who are completely different are come together with hope to live entire life with each other. Many people have trapping feeling after the marriage. They must give space to each other. A little time away from each other sweetens the relationship. God loves marriage, he sees it as a holy and sacred thing. Successful marriage is the backbone of successful society. Breaking down family structure means breaking down national structure. God does the work of match up the personalities. People get confused, disillusioned, and eventually give up on marriage because the above aspects are not being fulfilled to their satisfaction and expectations.

Keys For A Successful Marriage
Marriage partner fails to connect each other on daily basis so it is difficult to connect when dating with your spouse. Dating your spouse is one strategy for successful marriage. For the successful marriage both partners must have psychologically mature. Remember the simple joy of sharing ideas with each another. Marriage becomes weak because of less attention towards your spouse. Marriage can be effectively used after your marriage by dating your loved one spouse. Money is one of the cause for marital friction. Talk with your partner about this. 

What Makes a Successful Marriage
Many time relationship fails because of outer stress like finance, family, health problem and work problem. Some couples can manage this problem in very well manner. Better management of the the everyday things in life will allow you to focus more on building a successful marriage. Be careful when building up the relationship with different economic, social and ethnic background. You must deal with potential problem before marriage. Almost the children is the responsibilities of the mother but if father help them in this, it will help to bind your relation strongly. Marriage ask for lot of compromise from both of the party. They much care for each others feeling.












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I really enjoyed this wonderful post. I once heard a wonderful quote that I have always felt is the key to finding true love - "Love is not about finding the perfect person, rather its about
finding what is perfect in the imperfect person".