What do you feel when you are in love?

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What do you feel when you are in love?

What do you feel when you are in love? What a person feels when they are in love can be multiple sensations. I'm sure many people who reply to this sort of question will have to stop and try to put their real feeling into perspective. Sometimes it's hard to describe love because it comes in many forms. It all depends on the person we are trying to describe and why we love them personally.

Love starts in the core of the heart and soul and it is something that captures our every being. It's is a "special" feeling when we find the right person we want to share our lives with. We want to express our love to them in a special way and to allow them to know they have stolen a place in our lives and life would be hard to face without them. Love does not come to many on "a love at first sight" but I've known several people who did fall in love at first sight and they are still in love after being married for more than forty years.

Love causes the heart and soul to have a caring and giving sensation that generates from the core of a person and it lives and breathes in every aspect of their life. It is not artificial nor is it infatuation, it is real love and the person would do anything for the person they love. They will respect them and love them regardless of their situations. Sickness or time does not rob our hearts of true love and it is eternal for as long as they have that person in their life.

Love is warm, affectionate, heart binding, caring, sincerity, truthfulness, honor, forgiving, respect, etc., etc. Love is holding someone close to us and their partner reciprocoates in the same manner. It's a feeling of oneness and never being alone to struggle through life's journey by ourselves. It's coming together as one to live in harmony and in accordance to the commitments we've made to each other. Love steals the heart and it gives one reasons to desire and want to live a lifetime with that particular individual.

Love shows respect and never hurting our loved one in any sort of way, and if we should, it's allowing them to see the hurt in our eyes for speaking disrespectful or wrong to them. Love is knowing the person who we love and allowing them to know we will never deceivie them in anyway. Love is standing firm for our partner and never turning our backs to them. Love is never being stingy but sharing all we have with the one we love. Love is sharing our secrets and our innermost thoughts and dreams and allowing our partner to achieve those goals in their life.

Love is the greatest gift we have in this life because love joins us together as one and we are there for each other regardless what faces us in our lives.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA



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