Wanna be a Caring and Understanding Wife

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Wanna be a Caring and Understanding Wife

It's not woman's beauty which makes your life beautiful, It's her beautiful mind which makes your life most beautiful. 

When you were child, you were well covered under her blanket most of the time. For every little need of yours, she was there to fulfill that. From morning to midnight. From breakfast to dinner. She changed your nappies and applied the cream to save you from any rashes. You were in safe hands till the time you were on your own. You shared your frustrations, your anger with her and expected her to understand you. What ever wrong you did, she made you understand and corrected them. That was your mother. Even your elder sister took your care when your mother was busy. After you finished your graduation, you started working in a company and started your new career. Then you got married. Your wife entered in your life to take your care. I wonder, what would have been your life without these women in your life.

For a good wife, it does not take much time to understand her husband and his needs. His likes and dislikes. She learns these things very quickly. Your mother and elder or younger sister plays a vital role and they help you to understand your husband by giving a whole lot of information about him. You start cooking his favorite dishes with valuable tips from his mother. This is just beginning and you learn a lot about him as the days pass. If she is a working woman and career oriented, then she has to run the show on both the fronts. But for her, you are her top priority. 

Here are few more things you must know. 

There may be some tension at his work place. The job security is no more the same as it used to be before. Men normally stay reserved in these matters and do not prefer to discuss these matters at home. When he comes home from office, it's better to check his mood before narrating him other stories. A wise wife knows how to handle this situation. Give him some time and he would be normal. This switch off and switch on takes little time. Let him settle a while. When he is fresh he would come to his normal terms. Inform him if the dinner is ready and check up if he is prepared for the same. Let him his food nicely. Once the food goes inside, specially when it is cooked as per his choice, he would surely appreciate the food. Now he would be normal and you can discuss any topics with him.

You are expert house wife and take every little care to keep the house neat and clean. He would be please to see the house neat and clean and would surely complement for that. If he likes a particular type of music, see to it that you play that music in soft volume to cheer up his mood. Now is the time know about the things he is going through. If your husband is a successful in his field there should not be any problem. But if he is not, then you need to take lot of his care to boost his morale. He needs lot of your support at this time. Do not criticize him or compare him with any other successful person. This would worsen the situation. Try to analyze his failure and find out the way by which he would be successful. Encourage him for the higher studies or for some extra skills which would help him to build his career. 

If you have children, please try to keep them under your control at this time. Tell your children that their father is not well at this moment and needs some rest and peace at home. This is a very difficult situation for you to handle it. You are divided between husband and children. You need to take care for both. There is no space left for you. This is a balancing act. You need to tackle these issues very carefully and delicately. Just hoping for the best. The things would be under control slowly but surely. If you panic at this time by loosing your temper, the things would go beyond repairs. Stay calm and cool. Your husband is aware of your difficult period. He is feeling guilty at this moment as he is the cause for this situation and may find it more irritating. This is a worst situation and you need to take ultimate care of him.

If he is not well and must take rest for few days at home. This is the right time to prove your nursing skills and show him that how much you care for him. Take care of his health in best possible way. Let him have his medicines on time. Keep his surrounding clean and cheerful. Feed him proper food so that he can get recover fast. Ensure that he gets a proper rest. Spend more time with him so that he would not find deserted. Don't make him feel obliged. It's your duty at this hour. 

If he is, by mistake becomes an alcoholic or drug addict, stand very firm by his side. He re you need to handle the things differently and tactfully. Take his parents help. Take him to good doctor and help him maximum to get rid of this worst situation. Keep your head cool. Mere scolding at this point would not help. He must realize he has done the wrong thing and ruining his and as well as your life. You need to keep a constant watch on him. Engage him in some or other activity which he likes. No matter what, but do not leave him alone at this moment. Your constant company would free him from this situation.

It takes long time to make the relations healthy. One loose moment and the relations are broken. It's very sad to see the couples go for divorce for small matters. The women is very strong and known better for her sacrifices. She can keep her family and home intact. She must get her rights but not at the cost of her husband and children. The life is beautiful. let us all live the life with little extra burden at times and stay together than separate for small matters and then repent.


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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