Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

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Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

If you’re like most guys, then it’s likely you’re at a point where’ve run out of new and exciting things to do with your girlfriend. You can only watch so many movies per week in a relationship, and if that number is already above 2 then I’d suggest switching it up a little. After all, diversity and spontaneity are highly sought after in today’s world!

The trick in finding things to do with your girlfriend is figuring out what you want to do first. Once you know what you feel like doing, figure out a way to share the fun with her. That way, you both enjoy your time together. Don’t get into the trap of doing things with your girlfriend just so it will make her happy, because ultimately, you don’t truly enjoy yourself, she will feel it. For example, don’t suggest going to an art museum just because you think she’ll enjoy it… you’ll be bored and consequently, she’ll have a miserable time as well.

Instead, find activities you personally like to do and then make your girlfriend a part of it. For example, if you like skiing, then set up a time to go skiing with her (and if she doesn’t ski, then teach her!). This way, you’ll enjoy yourself and consequently, she will as well. Remember, she’s dating you because she wants to be part of your life… if she just wanted to watch romantic movies and go shopping, she’d simply go with her girlfriends.

The list goes on, but it always starts with you. Figure out what you enjoy and then go from there.  If you’re really out of ideas and need a little inspiration, here are my personal favorites.

  • together, making an entire meal is not only delicious, but it’s a really fun thing to do with your girlfriend.
  • Massages, it seriously doesn’t get better than this. If you haven’t had at least 2 massages today, then you might need another one. Don’t be afraid to use massage oils as well, they are great!
  • Ice skating & Rollerblading, depending on the temperature, these are great activities to get your hearth pumping.
  • Adventurous hikes, I love getting fresh air and going out on small hikes is one of the most refreshing things you can do.
  • Seeing a live show, there’s something about shows that just puts me in a good mood. Shows are meant to be seen with other people.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for things to do with your girlfriend, then just figure out what you really feel like doing and then do it with her. Post your favorite activities for couples in the comments!








Cooking Up Romance a cuisine connoisseur? You’re not alone. According to a recent review done by the Dieticians of Canada, Canadians’ cooking skills are deteriorating due to the popularity of easy-to-prepare foods. Despite this, 83 percent of Canadians claim to enjoy making meals. Sound familiar?

Avoid this conundrum and get yourself acquainted with the basics of the kitchen by joining a class—with your mister, of course! I recently participated in a couples’ cooking class at the Calphalon Culinary Center in Toronto and loved it. Here are six reasons why you should give a couples’ cooking class a try.

Learn Knife Basics
From holding a knife to sharpening, your chef instructor gives you the lowdown. While I thought I was pretty handy with a blade, I learned a thing or two about how to chop properly and safely. Who knew practicing “talon” (a technique to prevent you from chopping your fingers) was so important?

Experience Fresh Flavours
Have you ever used daikon (white radish) or lemon grass? I hadn’t either, and I consider myself open to trying new foods. Learning how to prepare a new dish is a great way to become familiar with different foods.

Try New Cooking Techniques
Before the class I’d never Thai-fried a fish (basically dunking a fully-dressed fish into a hot wok of oil) or marinated my meat. While you may have a certain way of doing something at home, this is an opportunity to be adventurous in the kitchen and maybe even take the technique back home.

Play with Cookware
While this will depend on what you’ve signed up for, you’re guaranteed a chance to test out the tools no matter which class you choose. It’s one thing to see a product in the store, but you truly won’t get a feel for it unless you use it. I tried so many gadgets and utensils. Besides an amazing non-stick frying pan, I also fell for an awesome tool that juices lemons!

Taste Exotic Cuisine
Unsure of what French food exactly entails? Always wanted to try Spanish cuisine? At the Calphalon Culinary Center there are a variety of classes to choose from. The most popular class is the Surf & Turf, no doubt due to the menu of lobster and steak, but other themes like Asian, Mexican and Italian, make for a delicious evening. Break from the usual and have a meal that’s not in your regular rotation.   

Create a Spark
If wedding planning has been getting to both of you, this is a fun way to reconnect. Cooking together at a station calls for teamwork. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the end result together.




Naughty ways to spice up your love life and marriage
A hot new way for a couple to sensually relieve stress is with a professional couple’s massage. Couple’s massage is a popular service provided by many spas, massage salons and boutiques where two people receive a soothing body massage, simultaneously, side-by-side, in the same room. This experience is not about sexuality but rather sensuality. A couple’s massage is all about feeling good, feeling sexy and sharing the experience with your partner.

If you have been reading my articles then you've probably figured out by now that we are a fairly adventurous couple who enjoy trying new things. However, at the age of 45, I admit that I had never experienced the joy of a professional massage before. That is, before my wife surprised me with a certificate for a couples massage at a local salon for our anniversary.

It sounded like a lot of fun to me but I did have a few questions. So when we called the salon to make our appointment we asked several questions so that we would be prepared and know what to expect.


Will a man or woman be giving the massages? At this particular salon they said it was completely our choice on the gender of our masseuse. We liked that because my wife wanted a male masseuse while I preferred a female.

Do we get completely nude for the massage? Again, they said it was our choice whether you strip down to nothing or to keep your panties or briefs on. Regardless, they said that all private parts will be covered at all times by a sheet and/or towel.

What all gets massaged? The masseuse on the phone said it is a one-hour full body massage from head to toe for each of us together. He said that we were welcome to specify any areas of the body to avoid or to focus upon for extra attention (i.e. calves, shoulders, lower back, and neck).


Craige and Maria massage experience:

Upon arrival at the salon we checked in with the assistant at the service counter who notified the masseuse that we had arrived for our appointment. He came down to greet us then led us upstairs to where the massage suites were located. Our suite was nicely decorated, lights dimmer with several lit candles around the room. Soothing music played softly and a fountain in a corner of the room provided the gentle sound of cascading of water. The two massage tables were positioned side-by-side about 3 feet apart in the center of the room.

The head masseuse (Ok, go ahead, giggle) told us that he would leave the room while we undressed and then each of us were to lie our backs on the tables, covering ourselves with the sheet provided. He then said that he and his female assistant would return in 5 minutes and promised to knock first before entering.  I must say that they did everything possible to make everything a very comfortable experience.

When they returned he introduced me to my female masseuse. Then they asked us if there were any aches and pains that needed special attention. He then suggested that we close our eyes and relax with the music and enjoy. While still lying on our backs they started by massaging our hands and fingers with warm lotion then moved up the arms and shoulders on each arm. They then worked down the body to the hips and then proceeded down each leg to the feet and toes. It was so relaxing. We were then asked to roll over. My masseuse started back on my feet then worked her way up each leg to the gluts (buttocks) then the lower back, upper back and shoulders and back down the arms to the fingers. Ohhhhhh yeeaahh… That hour went by way too fast.

We both felt as if we were melting away and could have easily fallen asleep. It was great! Upon finishing the hour massage session, they both left the room while we got dressed. Once dressed, we gave them a well deserved gratuity for the great job they did. We were then led to adjoining room where we were left enjoy glass of wine with cheese and crackers afterward (which was all included in our particular package). That was a nice finishing touch.  We left with big smiles on our faces.



Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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