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The biggest mistake most men make here is to only try and pick up girls in a classic pick-up situation - such as a pub or a night-club. When you think about it these are some of the HARDEST places to score - because they are packed with men trying to do the same and there are ALWAYS more men than girls.

The EASIEST places to score are those daily life situations, well away from the pressure of the dance floor. Every time you go out of the house is an opportunity to score. Remember this simple rule - THE MORE OFTEN A GIRL MEETS YOU IN A DAILY LIFE SITUATION THE MORE LIKELY SHE IS TO DATE YOU. One-off pick ups with complete strangers often lead to no more than one night stands which, at the end of the day, will not be enough to keep you satisfied. 

In other words - MAKE EXCUSES IF YOU HAVE TO. Every successful man does it. Maybe you don't want to know about train times but if there's a gorgeous looking girl in the travel agents - why not?

Once you're seeing and meeting as many new girls as possible you can bring this proven four point plan into operation :

  1.  The Open-Up Level : Making contact with girls you fancy.
  2. The Chat-Up Level : Letting them know you're interested, and getting them interested in you.
  3. The Warm-Up Level : Getting them to fancy you.
  4. The Seduction Level : Developing a closer relationship!

The work situation is a very good place to pick up - assuming you work with sufficient numbers of attractive girls. If you haven't already make sure you do the rounds of all the suitable girls at work. Usually, the easiest ways for getting to know a girl you fancy are to show an interest in what she does, or ask her for help with your work. If you can't - ask her to do you some kind of FAVOR - such as that bit of photocopying or picking you up some sandwiches when she goes to the shop.

Another good idea is to go for a PART TIME JOB. Here you'll meet girls as CUSTOMERS not colleagues. A lot of them find that bit of power over you very attractive!. Good jobs to take are in pubs, clubs, shops and petrol stations. Check the place out before you apply to make sure it attracts sufficient talent.

Pubs and night-clubs are the classic pick-up places but. as I've said. not always the best. The secret of being successful is not WHAT you say. but WHERE YOU GO.

If you're young, try somewhere that attracts mainly older men and you'll be hot property with the girls there. If you're older try somewhere that attracts younger girls, who go for maturity. If you're working, try pubs and clubs in student areas. If you're a student, try the business places. Girls crave excitement and a change of routine and are drawn to any new men who don't make up part of their usual scene.

Holidays are definitely a good time to score. Those 18-30 type holidays do live up to their reputation and the liveliest foreign resorts are Magalluf (Majorca), San Antonio Ibiza), Playa de Las Americas (Tenerife), Playa del Ingles (Gran Canaria), Kavos (Corfu), Faliraki (Rhodes), Kardamena (Kos) and Malia (Crete).

Remember that few girls dare holiday alone. She'll usually be with a friend. So it's much easier if you take a mate too to make up the foursome. You don't need complicated excuses to pick up on holiday - just ask her where the beach/bars/shops are etc..

If you watch movies very often, you can see a lot of romantic scene or encounter by a guy / woman during their holiday. A guy will meet a girl and affection will starts and grow naturally. Well, it is some story plot from the movie to make it great. 

In reality, it might happen too.

Last year, I went to Singapore for holiday alone, I met a girl staying in the same hotel with me. When I first saw her, we didn't talk much. Just exchange smiles and maintain eye to eye contact.

Then, as usual, I will go for my shopping trip for computer stuff at Suntec City. There, I saw the girl again shopping for digital cameras. Naturally, I just approach her and talk to her on the camera stuff. After that, we had dinner and become friend. 

Well, nothing happen after that - do not think "dirty". Just friend or a companion during my holiday.

Parties are the classic pick up place. Make sure you get invited or invite yourself to as many as possible - or hold them yourself. Girls take hours to get ready for parties so your appearance is particularly important. Once there keep in the center of the action - don't hide in the kitchen etc.

Avoid worn-out party pick ups like 'Do you want another drink?' etc. Use people-talk openers like 'Do you know Steve?' or 'Do you know Jane? Is she coming tonight?', or 'Have you seen Jo?' .

Girls are more interested - and feel more secure about getting into a conversation with you - if you give the impression you're a regular party-animal type.

If you're used to going everywhere by car you're making a BIG mistake. I don't know any man who's pulled while driving. But what about trains, buses and just walking down the street. Here's an opportunity to meet THOUSANDS of eligible girls .

But don't use this method when it's dark and the streets are empty, which can be threatening. The best times are when it's BUSY - then she'll feel safe and a lot happier about being chatted up. It's also easier for you. What better excuse do you need to sit next to AND TALK TO a girl than to ask if the seat next to her is free ? Other good excuses include asking 'Can you tell me the way to ... wherever?' or even just 'I think I'm lost!



How to Pick Up Girls Using Dating Agencies
Most men AND girls I've talked to say it's well worth trying the reputable dating agencies - especially the ones advertised in the main newspapers and magazines. 

Some of them actually have a SHORTAGE of men. In a year's membership you could easily get over a hundred introductions, many of whom will be eager girls calling up and ASKING YOU to go out with them!

With emerging technologies like Web Cam and Online dating, dating agencies can easily conduct screening or matchmaking virtually. If you are a busy person, you can engage a dating agency to find a partner for you. Otherwise, you can try out internet dating on your own pace. It will cost you little money or even free. 

Sports Centres
Not only can you score, but you can get fit too!. If you're good at a particular sport then watching you rarely fails to impress most girls. If you're not into sports, take one up. And it's best if it's one where you can play with girls such as tennis, badminton, swimming, martial arts, even aerobics etc. This is something a lot of girls find quite attractive.

Evening Classes, Clubs and Societies etc.
Yes! Evening classes are good hunting grounds. They usually have more girls than men and it's a good atmosphere for getting to know people easily. See what's going on in your area and try some classes out. You can easily leave if there's not enough talent on offer. It's best to go on enrolment night and join the most promising looking class .

The same applies to local clubs and societies-such as drama clubs etc.-except it's harder if you are not actually interested in what's going on !

The Shops
Didn't you know that shopping can be a pick-up opportunity ? Well, a recent survey said that supermarket late-night shopping sessions attract mostly single people - with Wednesday being the big night! Offer to do your mum's and granny's shopping too - it could be a lot more exciting than you think. Girls are VERY attracted to men who are big enough to do things that are considered girl's work.

Personally, I like to meet girls in bookstores. Maybe due to my reading hobby. I found it easier to approach girls and talk about books without much resistance. My favorite technique is to ask for opinions and advice. It may seems silly and "old tricks" but it works.

Also :
Open accounts at your local bank and building societies. ( The staff are mostly girls.)

  • Get your hair cut by a girl.
  • Fill your car up at petrol stations with girls cashiers.
  • Pay your bills in person , not by post.
  • Libraries have more going for them than you think.
  • Museums and art galleries can be worth a try too ! 








Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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