The Power of Your Social Circle

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The Power of Your Social Circle


Everyone’s seen it when they go out – that group of people sitting together, making the most noise in the bar and seeming to have the most fun. The women are beautiful, the men are charismatic and you begin to wonder to yourself, how can I be in that party?

The reason people find groups like the one I just mentioned so attractive is because of the vibe it gives off. A group that people want to be a part of is one that has no ulterior motives other than just having fun in the moment. Anything can happen and people will just take it in stride because it’s simply another part of the adventure of their night. Creating the vibe is easy – just go out with no expectations and have fun! If your friends are getting down because they’re not getting any women, tell them just to enjoy the music, the jokes, the company and everything else that happens in the night. Before you know it, you won’t have a care for anything other than the fun that you’re having, and those outside your group will see it and want to join your party.
One should never underestimate the power your friends have to sway the opinions of others. A good wingman is a friend who will make you look better in front of women, who will help keep the friends of the girl you want occupied so you can build a connection with her. You should in turn reciprocate – one thing that women find very attractive is a man who considers his friends to be his equals or betters. Rather than doing what most people do, which is to put down their friends in front of women in an attempt to look better, laud your friends achievements. Raise him up and make him appear to be one of the coolest people in the venue. After all, it says something about you if you hang out with people as cool as this!

Don’t feel the need to chase every beautiful girl you meet. In fact, by becoming friends with them, you have just acquired a friend who can help you in many different ways. Tell them that they’re going to help you pick up single women and they will often make you look like a rock star in a club. Women always want what other women have and having a beautiful woman completely into you is an enormous form of social proof to anyone watching you. A good wing-woman can also help start up conversations with other women and make them feel comfortable before introducing you into the conversation. Don’t be afraid of letting your female friends know about your desires and don’t judge them for theirs and you will have a wonderfully efficient new way of meeting and attracting women.

Your social circle is also a great way to meet many new people. Unless you have a very small, elite circle that does everything together, every one of your friends will know at least one or two people that you have never met before. Encourage your friends to bring these new people to activities you organize or simply to hang out. Even if these friends aren’t women you want to chase, you can use them in the same way to meet more people once you befriend them. With a little bit of time, you can end up as the social hub that brings people from opposite ends of your social circle together to have a fun time with them all.

Women are attracted to men who lead men. Their natural instinct is to chase the male whose genes are most suited to survival and the leader of the pack is almost always the dominant alpha male. Most people instinctively look to be led and this can often be seen in the form of questions such as “What do you want to do? Where would you like to go?” Instead of asking questions, start making statements as to what you want to do and guide your friends to the various parties and events that you want to go to. Eventually, people will just begin to turn to you for your ideas and women will see this, becoming insanely attracted when they see just how much the other men and women in your group look up to you.

There is a saying that women are fleeting while friends are for life. Your friends can help you in your pursuit of women like no one else can – never be ashamed of your desires and don’t be afraid to let your friends know how they can help you, or how you can help them. When you enjoy the company of your friends, regardless of the location, people everywhere will watch and admire the bond you share with them, and before you know it, they’ll want to be a part of that bond.

How To Build a Social Circle That Allows You To Meet Women
Everyone loves to make new friends. Friends provide comfort, are there to experience the good times with you and will help you when you need them. Friends also introduce you to their other friends, which include the type of woman you desire. The true masters of networking can build up and manage multiple social circles with thousands of people in them, ensuring that they are never wanting for company. With a little practice, you can master the skills needed to build and manage a social circle, allowing you to meet plenty of new women consistently.

You need to start building your social circle somewhere, and the best (and only) way you can do that is to go out and meet people. Your very first contact can be found any way possible – through existing friends, through co-workers, even going out and talking to someone on the street! The main idea though is to transform this contact into a friend by getting to know them and connecting with them. You may ask, “how can I connect with them?” It may seem daunting, especially if you have no experience meeting people on a regular basis, but turning a stranger into a friend is much easier than you may expect. The simple fact that you’re not trying to attract them sexually makes this much easier for you. All you need to do is be friendly and show interest in your contact. Smile and make small talk with them until you find something they’re passionate about, then allow them to talk about their passion for as long as they want. Everyone’s favourite topic is themselves, and simply by allowing them to talk about themselves and your being interested in them, will immediately raise yourself in their eyes.

Once you’ve established this person as a friend, its time to start expanding. Invite them to events that you’re organizing and tell them to bring their friends along. Sell your event, making it seem as the biggest event of the year, and emphasize how much you’re looking forward to seeing them. This will simultaneously make them feel special, making them more likely to attend, and the more exciting the event sounds, the more likely they are to bring their friends. After all, all everyone wants is to have a good time!

Once you meet their friends, simply repeat the previous steps over and over again, each time expanding your social circle. As you start to build your social circle, you’ll meet more and more people and before you know it, it will start to be difficult to keep in touch with everyone! Make sure you continue to have a presence in their life though. Send occasional text messages or give them calls to see how they’re doing. Try and meet up with them once in a while and send them invitations to events you’re organizing or attending. The more of a presence you have in someone’s life, the more they will come to accept you as a friend.


The key to having people introduce you to their friends is threefold.

  1. Be non-threatening. If you seem overtly aggressive when meeting new people, or try and pursue every single one of your new friend’s female friends, they will stop introducing you to their friends, as they have their own reputation to consider. Yes, it may seem counterproductive, especially since you’re trying to expand your social circle in an effort to meet new women. However, it is still possible to pursue women without being threatening. Simply make all interactions light-hearted and fun and women will forgive you for any social faux pas that you might make.

  2. Give value. Host parties and other events, introduce friends to people you believe they would like to meet and make sure they feel valued and are having a good time whenever they’re with you. People want to hang out with others who make them feel important and who show them a good time, and they want to bring friends into a world where they feel they will have a good time as well.

  3. Compliment people on how social they are and how they seem to know so many people. If you give a person a reputation to live up to, they will try their utmost to live up to it. A small comment like this will ensure that your friends will continually introduce you to new people, so that they can maintain their image as being a sociable, popular person in your eyes.

Once you’ve built up a large network of friends and acquaintances, you will be surprised at how easy it is to meet new people, both men and women. The further out your network reaches and the more social circles you are integrated with, the more opportunities you will have to meet the people that you want to meet, and before you know it, you will be chased by women who know you through your vast multitude of friends.



Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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