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Teenage Acne Medication for Teenage Girl AcneWhen looking for Teenage Acne Medication, it may be helpful to first find out what is Acne ? How does it affect you? When to start treatment for acne? Why it is important to know how to treat acne?

Acne Vulgaris in the medical name and it is commonly characterized with multiple non-inflammatory follicular “papules” or “comedones” and by inflammatory papules, “pustules, and “nodules” in its more severe form. Non-inflammatory acne is commonly known as pimples, blemishes, spots, zits, or simply acne. More severe inflammatory acne is also has cysts or boils.

The more severe cases tend to be in areas of the thickest skin, like the buttocks, groin, or armpits. The less severe cases are on the face and areas where the skin is thinner. It can occur anywhere sweat collects in the hair follicles and perspiration ducts (these are also known as pores). Teenage Acne Medication for Teenage Boy AcneAs dirt or sweat builds in these pores bacteria starts to grow, then the body starts trying to “push” the inflection out of your body. The areas of the skin most affected are on the face, neck upper back, upper chest. However you can get acne on almost any part of your body.

96% of teens are affected by acne, which can occur throughout adulthood as well. Acne has been know to carry over into people who are in their thirties, forties and even beyond. There is no way of knowing how long anyone person will have acne.

Teenage Acne Medication for Teenage Girl AcneAcne affects teenagers and those who have a socially active lifestyle. Acne can cause some to become insecure due to lower self-esteem, depression and in some studies even cause suicide. If acne goes untreated it could cause ice pick type scarring of your skin. Blackheads occur when sebum (natural oils), dirt, dead skin cells, and make-up have hardened and oxidized (turned black). Whiteheads are the same except that is has not oxidized.

It is best to treat acne with Teenage Acne Medications early as possible to lessen the overall impact.

What about your eating habits? They do have an effect. A good healthy diet will help your skin fight acne. However this does not guarantee that you will not have acne. Again it is a natural way for your body to cleanse the natural oils (sebum), dirt, and dead skin cells out of you skin. There are acne products which make claims to clear acne in just few weeks. When you choose your products, choose wisely and learn what ingredients are in the products. Most all have chemicals or chemical preservatives (known as parabens) which have been found in breast cancer tissue. Some products are watered down and will not be effective in helping clear acne. Teenage Acne Medication for Teenage Boy AcneMost acne treatments are extremely drying and irritating to the skin.

Products for Teenage Acne - Why Pariam Labs products?

Pariam Labs created the best natural acne treatment Teenage Acne Medication using natural / organic ingredients which will combat acne and actually help your skin. It is a spray-on natural treatment for teenage acne called deMistify Natural/Organic Acne Spray. Why a spray? Other products use an oil or gel base when applied. These thick products will push the dirt, oils, even make-up back into the pores which your body is trying to push out, thus causing a delay in clearing the pores. Remember most of these oil or gel based products contain chemicals and paraben preservatives, which are absorbed into and may even be harmful to your body.

deMistify Natural Acne Treatment - Teenage Acne MedicationSimply spray de-Mist-ify on the affected areas and allow it to dry. The natural and organic ingredients along with your body effort, will "pull" the dirt, sebum, and or make-up out of the skin pores to the surface. By doing this method of spraying help 'speed up" the time it takes to clear up the affected acne area of the skin. This Teenage Acne Medication will even remove the “blackheads”. Also by using Pariam Nature's Skin "de-Mist-ify" Natural/Organic Acne Spray you help stop the spread of acne from one skin area to another. As you wash your skin area, you are washing away the cause of acne. Leaving your skin to be free of harmful chemical preservatives.

So you are cleaning your skin naturally with natural/organic ingredients that is good for your skin and your body. Leaving your skin radiant, healthy and smooth without the worries of adding chemicals or paraben preservatives into your body.

deMistify is a great Teenage Acne Medication for teenage boys because the easy spray on treatment is convenient and so easy to use. We found with our own teenager that she was much more compliant with a simple spray than the creams, lotions and facial cleansers.




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Acne 12/16/2010 06:21

Acne is the teenager's curse. Many people go through a few years in which they suffer from acne, which involves pimples and other eruptions on the face. Pimples and blackheads are caused by dirt
and oil blocking pores in the skin. The best way to prevent acne is by washing your face. There is no set pattern solution for the acne problem. Your doctor may recommend some prescription
medication. Keep your face very clean. Drink plenty of water. Eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep. Try to reduce the stress in your life.