Surprise Her with the Gift of Her Dreams

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Surprise Her with the Gift of Her Dreams

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but what really warms a woman’s heart is receiving a small surprise; something that she’s wanted for a while but wouldn’t think to get herself. That gift is something she once saw in a boutique window, and maybe she pointed out to you. She'll be amazed and a bit started once she' she's the gift, but you'll know how much she likes it when you see that smile upon her face. The key to this sort of gifting is paying attention to her; what she talks about, what she looks at and tries on when you’re shopping. This is what makes it very special for a woman to receive this sort of present; it’s not just the gift itself, but the degree of attention and thoughtfulness that it represents. If you’re walking through the mall with the woman of your dreams, and she gazes longingly at a little butterfly pendant, listen patiently and agree with her when she tells you it's nice but a bit too extravagant and continues to shop. Later, return by yourself, purchase the pendant, and then stash it away for a while. Give it to her a month or so later during a random moment, like when she’s washing dishes or working on your taxes… Hug her from behind and hold out the package and say “I got you a little something.” If she asks where you found it or how you knew, or what it cost, shrug and feign forgetfulness. A little mystery is nice from time to time. Things every man should know about the woman in his life include her favorite precious stones, favorite colors, whether she likes gold or silver; her bra, shoe, and clothing sizes. He should also know her uniqueness, that certain odd little thing about her that gets her every time. For my friend Dana in college, it was frogs. Anything froggy would bring a smile to her face. Lingerie from you is a gift to her. So don’t buy her what you’d like to see her wear; instead, get something that she wants. Something that will make her feel sexy. But how do you know what she wants? Girlfriends and sisters can offer a wealth of inspiration, ideas, knowledge. But realize even as you swear them to secrecy that they’ll probably tell her. Even if you never leave the same small town where you’ve lived together for the last six years, send her postcards and letters from time to time. Just to remind her that she’s always in your thoughts. If you go on vacation somewhere, send her a postcard from your exotic locale that she’ll come across only much later, while thumbing through bills and coupon ads. This small, thoughtful gesture will make her feel special, adored; and will give her a great story for the other women at her office! In The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran once wrote “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” So remember that in the beginning, a gift is a means to an end; her radiant smile. But as time goes by, you may discover that it is, in fact, an end in and of itself.

Better Love Making - Surprise Her 
The element of surprise plays a very important role to achieve better love making with your partner. Women love surprises, especially when they are sexual surprises. By introducing the of surprises into your love making session, it is to do things that are new and unexplored, or do the things that you are currently doing differently.

Women hate routine. You will need to be thoughtful enough to come out with things that can break away from the usual routine in the bedroom. You can surprise her in the early morning by planting some kisses on her breasts and vagina.

You can also surprise her when she is having her shower, by suddenly cuddle her from behind and start kissing her neck. The key here is to be as creative and romantic as you can.

Put in some effort to plan a day out which can lead to sexual enjoyment in the bedroom. Take the opportunity when she is out of the house to decorate your bedroom with romantic scented candles. Prepare a CD which plays slow music where both of you can dance. Then meet her for dinner straight away and set the mood right by hinting to her that tonight is the night.

Be sure NOT to let her know that you have decorated the room. After both of you have some drinks and dances in a pub, when she got home to the bedroom, she will be surprised and ready for a great sexual night.

When making love, do not be afraid to try out new positions and techniques. As a man, you should initiate the move. Just do it. Do not worry as you will get to know whether she likes it or not as she will probably tell you so.

“Want to know more mind-blowing lovemaking tips and secrets to increase passion and intimacy through great sex?” Her With an Engagement Ring
If you have an engagement ring burning a hole in your pocket...if you’re about to pop the proverbial me, this is no to be shy. In fact, now would be a wonderful time to show your creative side.

Pull out all the stops, my man, pop that question with style. The best way to do that, of course, is to surprise her with an engagement ring hidden inside something cool like a treasure chest filled with pirate’s gold and candy necklaces! And since Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp immediately come to mind these days when you think “treasure chest,” bring them along for the ride.

Make this moment special by mixing fun and humor in with the romance. Create a Pirates of the Caribbean evening, complete with eye patches and pirate talk. When she finally opens the treasure chest and finds that ring she will never forget this evening or you. Ever.

Show Her Your Romantic Side is in the air, tiny hearts fall from the sky every time she walks by…you are so in love you can’t see straight. You want to shout to the world how much you love her – in fact, you have. (She’s not as embarrassed as she let on. Secretly, she loved it!)

Don’t stop now, buddy. Keep the momentum going. Show her you have what it takes to keep her entertained for a lifetime. Don’t just give her an engagement ring, surprise her with an engagement ring. Tucked inside a treasure chest? Come on. What could be more perfect?

She’ll be flattered and surprised and so happy. Don’t you be surprised if you both tear up.

To sweeten the pot – or treasure chest, as the case may be – toss in some fake beads, chocolate coins, and other goodies that will point to a fun evening at home, just the two of you. Um, and, of course, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. She won’t mind the extra company – no red-blooded woman would – but not to worry. Since Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom will be on the screen and you’ll be right there beside her, she’ll only have eyes for you.

Show Her Your Playful Side
Surprise her on a night when you normally go out with the guys. This time, say you’d like to watch a movie with her, instead. Then suggest Pirates of the Caribbean and hand her the treasure chest gift basket. She’ll be tickled you chose her over the guys, and charmed with the fun treasure chest gift basket. She’s sure to cancel any plans she might have had so she can stay home with you.

She won’t be expecting an engagement ring, but as she digs into the treasure chest for chocolate coins and fake jewelry, she’ll eventually come across one ring that is quite real. Can you imagine her genuine surprise? It’s such a clever way to say “I want to marry you.”


Shiver Me Timbers, Love Is In the Air
As you watch the movie – try and keep that silly grin off your face or she’ll wonder what you have up your sleeve. But don’t miss the look on her face when she finds the ring box. Pay close attention. This is one reaction you don’t want to miss. (And she will react…I guarantee it.) a Pirate’s Treasure Chest Gift Basket:

  • Use a treasure chest as the basket. (Wooden boxes can also be decorated to look like treasure chests…use your imagination. Remember to get the box big enough to hold all of the goodies you plan on bringing along.) 
  •  DVDs – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. 
  • Microwave popcorn. (Once emptied, the chest can hold the popped popcorn. So what are you waiting for? Dump the contents out and let her sift through them. That will also make it easier for her to locate the ring box with the real ring inside of it.) 
  • Foil covered chocolate coins, and candy rings and necklaces 
  • Fake pearls and Mardi Gras jewelry 
  • Two eye patches and a fake Cockatoo 
  • Two champagne glasses 
  • One bottle of champagne 


  • If she’s the suspicious type, keep the bubbly hidden until she finds the ring. (Use your better judgment and don’t blow it. This type of surprise comes once in a lifetime.) 
  • Or if you want to keep the bubbly in the treasure chest, you might want to tell her you’re celebrating how much you love her. (You just don’t want her to see through your story and ruin the surprise.) 

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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