Stop Worrying and Be Courageous

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Stop Worrying and Be Courageous

When a stressful situation occurs do you react with panic, worry and fear? Discover how you can transform your worrier reaction style and become courageous.

Within each worrier is a fearless warrior, waiting to emerge. It's as simple as changing two vowels in worrier and suddenly you are a warrior. It means shifting from giving your power away to imagined catastrophes' to owning your power and handling situations calmly and courageously. Worriers tend to fill their minds with fearful thoughts until they end up feeling helpless and powerless. Warriors, on the other hand, hold true to their convictions and are always ready to tackle and confront fears. Being a warrior doesn't mean you have to fight a battle; it means standing strong, trusting yourself and having courage.

How to Stop Worrying and Have More Courage:
  • Stop imagining the worst. Thoughts are powerful. Negative or fearful thoughts can immobilize you, leaving you feeling disempowered. Instead, think of all the possible positive things that could happen with the current situation. Use your wild imagination to invoke uplifting and pleasant scenarios and you will feel self-empowered. 
  • Move into the present moment. If your thoughts and energy are stuck in the past or lost in the future imagining the worst, you have no power in the now. Warriors have their focus in the present, enjoying the current moment. Ask yourself if everything is okay in this moment and, if it is, relax into that. 
  • Center within yourself. Warriors are not scattered, they have all of their energy and focus anchored in themselves, ready to take action when needed. Being centered within involves taking your focus away from the external and centering it within yourself. Bring your attention to your breath 
    and feel your vital energy flowing through your body until you feel clear and calm. 
  • Ground your body. Warriors are not flighty, they have their feet planted firmly on the ground and are connected to the earth. By staying grounded you can release fears and worry out of your body down into the earth. Feel the connection of your body to the earth through your feet and imagine releasing all tensions out of your body. 
  • Trust your inner wisdom. Each person has access to their highest truth and wisdom. Listening to the ego mind's fearful thoughts will not help you to find an appropriate solution to your current situation. A warrior takes time to calm the mind and listen within for guidance. Once you are centered and calm, ask your higher self what to do next. 
Worry Less, Trust More
The next time a stressful situation occurs and you find yourself going into old habits of panic, 
worry and fear – stop. Let go of the fearful thoughts and take a moment to breath and move into the present moment. Find your center, ground your body, stand strong like a warrior, and then listen to the wisdom of your higher self for guidance.

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