Solutions in the Bedroom

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Solutions in the Bedroom

Other options for trying to stop or decrease snoring include setting up a humidifier in the room. Let me say on this, that if you have wallpaper, it doesn't work well but strips it off. We had one when our daughter was young because of asthma problems and that is exactly what happened. We were everlastingly sticking her Laura Ashley print wallpaper back down.

Another suggestion is apparently a teaspoonful of honey. If none of the suggestions work, then what can you do?

A solution could be for the non snoring partner to go to bed at a different time to their spouse. If they can get to sleep first the problem is alleviated, so long as they aren't woken up by the snoring later. The other problem is it does put an end to any intimacy and the whole snuggling up together, as does sleeping in another room and I know women who have seen this as the only option to getting any sleep. Again it's not helpful as far as intimacy is concerned.

I'd suggest it is better to look at the root cause of the snoring problem. It could be a sinus problem. Or if the person has a cold it can make the problem worse. So deal with that health problem. But sometimes there can be a more sinister problem lurking.

It could also be caused by sleep apnea, which basically means that the snored stops breathing at some points. If this is the case it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

So, if trying the other suggestions doesn't work, get the snored to see a doctor. Better for them to solve a sleep apnea problem with a mask at bedtime than to lose them altogether. You can still have a cuddle and make love, but then just make sure afterwards the mask is in place for sleep. The women I know, who have husbands with sleep masks, find that at least now both partners are getting the sleep they need. That's got to be better for a marriage.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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