Secrets Of Being Successful With Girls

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Secrets Of Being Successful With Girls

Have you ever wondered why some men always seem to have more than their fair share of attractive girls ? And enjoy all the advantages that go with this ? And are you not getting your fair share ?

Isn't it incredible also that we study how to be good at a myriad of different activities but never give a thought or spend any time increasing our skills at being successful with girls ? Believe me - this skill , like any other , can be taught , practiced and perfected to the best of your potential just like any other . That is the aim of this book --to get you up there with the best of them!!

To be a big success with girls you don't need hot-shot looks nor a lot of money (obviously these help but are not the most important things you need) . What you do need to know is some basic secrets about WHAT TO DO and WHAT TO SAY to attract the girls you want .

This book contains those secrets . It's a complete guide that will show you how to be extra successful with girls in a very short time from now .

The tips you pick up in this book come from years of experience but it's very simple and easy to follow . Once you know the basic secrets you'll find that they work time and time again to give you all the girls you could ever handle !

In the first half of this book I'll explain how to attract more girls to you and how and where to meet them . In the second half I'll take you through each of the four levels that will get you where you want to be . These are THE OPEN-UP , THE CHAT-UP , THE WARM-UP and , best of all , THE SEDUCTION . Read each part carefully and try out the techniques for yourself . As your skills increase simply move up from level to level and go as far and as fast as you want!!

If you are wondering why these methods work the answer is simple . Mostly they are things that girls expect want and are very often begging for men to do . Once you know what these are then all the action you could ever want is out there waiting for YOU.

The first thing to remember is that girls just aren't the same as men ! OK, so you knew that . But what you probably don't know and what you've probably never even thought about is just HOW DIFFERENT THEY ARE .

For most men a dream date is a girl with stunning looks, a fantastic figure and who'll be eager to give him as much mind - blowing sex as he could handle. If she's got a nice personality that's a bonus , but it's not the main thing. Am I right ?

For most girls, this is COMPLETELY & UTTERLY DIFFERENT . Her dream date is a man who will compliment her, love her and make her feel secure. Sounds old-fashioned ?-but it's TRUE. Of course girls do think about looks and sex, but they are MUCH MUCH further down their list of priorities than they are for men. She'd much rather have a man who is nice to be with and loving than one who is aggressive and cold , no matter how good looking he is.

Now be warned . This is where most men slip up. SO NEVER EVER FORGET THIS -- On first approach a straightforward suggestion of sex leaves the vast majority of girls stone cold. This also applies to things non-verbal. First impressions are vital and if the first thing you do is mention sex, touch her , or get caught looking down her cleavage then she will conclude that you are not for her . REMEMBER - it's what she is looking for that MATTERS TO HER. Go in like a sex-starved rottweiler with your tongue hanging out and sex on your mind and you are almost certain to be rejected . On the contrary if her first impression of you is someone that is likely to offer her love and affection and care she'll be very interested indeed .

So the most important secret of success with girls is to GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS not what you think she wants !!

A girl's mind works in strange ways-as if you didn't know-and the things that attract them to men are mostly NOT what you expect . Here's what they are( not necessarily in order of importance)  :--

  • Honesty
  • Sense of humor
  • Eye contact
  • Smiles
  • Personality
  • Confidence
  • Maturity
  • Sensitivity
  • Looks (this one is definitely in the right place in order of importance!)

Ever noticed how a girl goes completely berserk when she finds out you've lied . What's all the fuss about? you think . The big fuss they make tells you something crucial -- HONESTY is very very important to girls. Remember this if you are naturally honest and use your honesty to full advantage. Be honest with her even if your natural instinct in a particular situation is not to be . If you are naturally dishonest conceal this at all costs-you're probably good at that anyway!

A good sense of humor is amazingly attractive to most girls . They want a man who is FUN to be with .If you can make a girl laugh you're 90% there . If you have a good sense of humor-use it at every appropriate opportunity . If you haven't- WORK on it - and develop one . This can be done - watch those that have this and use their techniques - try the one that suits your personality best-experiment .

EYE-CONTACT is in my opinion the single most important factor in your success and for this reason I will go into this in more detail later . (similarly with SMILES )

A strong personality draws most girls . They really do go for a man who knows what he wants to do - no matter what anybody else thinks about him .

Girls are also drawn to confident men who are assertive , positive and don't dither . If you are less than confident - don't show it . LOOK CONFIDENT . How do you do this? TRY-study body language , either get a book on this or just observe & imitate any confident men you see around you . Stand up straight ,never fidget , head up high , slow ,steady movements and above all EYE to EYE contact at all times. You know the things I mean -observe & learn & apply .

Maturity is a big turn on with most girls . This is one reason that quite a lot find older men attractive . So it usually pays to act pretty sensibly when you're with girls ( not to the extent that you lose your sense of humor and fun of course ). Drinking beer until it comes out of your ears, falling over senseless and going on the rampage might be a good laugh when you're with the lads but it won't impress her. She might laugh but inside she'll be eaten up with embarrassment.

A lot of men think that girls are turned on by very macho men - but most girls think completely the OPPOSITE . Girls like their men to be sensitive . Don't take this too far , girls want their men to act like men but try and mix being a man with being caring and sensitive . A heady cocktail that girls find irresistible ! If you find something 'nice' or 'pretty' or something upsets you - tell her. You'll be surprised how much she warms to you . Especially if the something nice or pretty is about her!!

Whilst girls obviously go for good looks and a decent body it comes surprisingly LOW on THEIR list of priorities . By itself it doesn't turn them on like it does men . Ask a girl if she is turned on by these things , she will probably say yes but deep down a girl knows she can't find any man a turn-on unless he CARES for her too.

How to turn her head

Now , most men judge a girl by how she looks . Is it the same for girls? The simple answer is no . Again , girls are a bit more complex than that! Before being really attracted to you they'll weigh you up as a complete package , and not just take you on your looks .

But girls are attracted to men who've made an effort . After all , she probably spent 3 hours getting ready for her night out! Here are some tricks that will help make sure SHE sees you before YOU see HER!

What to Wear
So just what sort of clothes turn girls on? Now. I'd have said a suit, but they're well down the list. In a survey in one of the girls' mags EIGHT out of TEN girls said they find JEANS the sexiest thing a man can wear. They can be as old as you want but they should always be clean. Plus, make sure they are as tight as possible round the waist and fit well round the backside - because this is the ONLY part of a man's body that girls can't resist!

T-shirts and sweatshirts are usually better than open-necked shirts. If you've got a decent body then show her it with a T-shirt that's a size too small. If you haven't bulk up with a baggy one. Bomber jackets are better than suit jackets or anoraks - these give you the tight waist-big chest look which most girls admire.

Dirty or worn shoes are a big turn-off apparently, and clean black or brown shoes or boots are much better than trainers which never look clean and can easily smell.

Hair Etc.
When it comes to hair - skin head - shoulder length - whatever style you like is fine. But it must be a proper style that is regularly cut or styled and CLEAN .

Clean shaven is in . That survey said that most girls think beards are a turn-off. Unshaven stubble might go down well with her the next morning, but the night before it just makes you look dirty .

Girls worry about their skin like crazy and she'll run a mile before getting close to a spotty face! If you've got any spots get rid of them with one of those anti-bacterial face washes.

What Do You Smell Like?

Girls have got ultra-sensitive noses and so it's vital to smell right if you want success. Never, go out smelling the slightest bit sweaty because she'll come nowhere near you.

This means a bath or shower before every date - especially if your work makes you smell of anything strong.

Use un-perfumed soaps and deodorants so you can smell clean without smelling like a flower shop. And girls do go for a good aftershave - that means the expensive stuff! You'd be amazed how many girls can tell the different brands. But do use small amounts so you don't cover up your natural smell - men give off a natural musk smell which girls are attracted to .

If you smoke this will reduce your chances with non-smoking girls. Plus, I don't know any girls who like stale-beer-flavored breath - so a mouthwash or spray is a good idea.

Clean hands and properly cut nails are another thing girls notice .

What She REALLY Goes For
It's not what you think. Again, those magazine surveys have shown time and time again that most girls judge a man's attractiveness by his - EYES!!

So, it always pays to make sure your eyes are bright. If you're tired use eye drops to avoid that red-eye look. If you wear glasses then make sure they suit you, or consider contact lenses. Plus, wearing sunglasses may look cool but it's a sure and certain way to AVOID getting noticed by girls.

As I said before, overall build is much less important to most girls than your personality - Though it's a lie to say that a decent body won't attract their glances. In the same survey the things girls found sexiest, after EYES, were a firm BOTTOM, a decent sized CHEST and finally - a suntan. Most girls weren't turned on by body-builder types and not one said they found the contents of a man's boxer shorts attracted them.




Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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