Recover From Infidelity in the Marriage

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Recover From Infidelity in the Marriage

Marriage counselors are convinced that infidelity is the most painful experience that can be inflicted to a marriage. If you question this statement, you only need to go through infidelity once from your spouse. More than 50 percent of spouses will have an affair during the lifetime of their marriage. How do you cope with infidelity? Well, here are some tips to recover from infidelity in your marriage.
  1. You must restore the marital relationship in the marriage. It is very hard to restore the marital relationship until your spouse's lover is out of the picture. And most affairs do not end amicable between the lovers. Resentment will still linger if the lover is still a part of your partner's life.
  2. You must overcome resentment toward your spouse. You would think after a husband and wife rebuild their love for one another then all is forgiven. Well, all might be forgiven but all is not forgotten. Many married couples have confessed to counselors that the memory of the affair still haunts them decades later.
  3. You must avoid getting caught up with having a retaliatory affair of your own. When you catch your spouse having an affair, your initial reaction is having one yourself. You must escape from the jaws of infidelity. Once you begin an affair, it is hard to end an affair. Being unfaithful could destroy the happiness within your family and with your lover. That condition should be avoided at all cost.
  4. Sexual recovery in your marriage will be a challenging experience. Infidelity has such a devastating effect on the ego and restoring passion to the marriage is a difficult proposition for both partners. How do you begin moving your relationship in the right direction? This question must be answered by both spouses.
  5. Infidelity could switch from a literal person to an Internet source. Marriage counselors have seen an alarming trend in relationship breakdowns, as spouses have fallen in love with individuals they have never met in person. These relationships have blossomed through Internet chatrooms and could expand into an actual sexual encounter as both parties are intrigued to meet each other. Take notice if your spouse is having a difficult time leaving the computer to spend time with you.
  6. Infidelity has tragic consequences, as unfaithfulness can cause untold emotional suffering for all parties. But affairs can also create a pregnancy with a lover's child. Sexual indiscretions outside the marriage can also have a spouse contract a disease that is passed on to the unsuspecting partner. Hard decisions are ahead for the couple as they try to figure out what direction their relationship is going.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  City Girl UK

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