Qualities Your Boyfriend Must Possess

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Qualities Your Boyfriend Must Possess

While some women are far more realistic than others, every woman has different qualifications for the man of her dreams. Some women place emphasis on appearance above personality, while other women have the reverse  value system. In addition to possessing a great personality, many women also expect their potential boyfriends to have a certain level of education and a certain degree of financial security.
  1. Be courteous to others---not just me
  2. Love to laugh with me
  3. Love to cuddle with me
  4. Tickle me---physically and emotionally
  5. Be willing to defend me
  6. Be supportive
  7. Be a dreamer
  8. Generally be more optimistic than pessimistic, but should also be realistic
  9. Develop his own opinions and therefore not always agree with me, but still respect my beliefs
  10. Possess a sarcastic, somewhat dry sense of humor
  11. Possess some childish and endearing quirk about him
  12. Have an interest in art (whether that means admiring or creating)
  13. Be able to calm me down when I am nervous or comfort me when I am upset
  14. Be willing to occasionally embarrass himself for me
  15. Have some concrete college plans that involve attending AND graduating
  16. Have some professional plans to pursue after college
  17. Be willing to teach, but also to be taught
  18. Be willing to admit that he doesn't know everything and admit when I am right
  19. Be a good listener and be interested in what I have to say
  20. Be somewhat traditional, but should still be open to new ideas
  21. Allow me my freedom and never prevent me from doing something just because I'm a woman
  22. Be more interested in my personality than my looks
  23. Be faithful. Distance should not interfere with his loyalty to me.
  24. Respect my need to write…and write…and write
  25. Not view me as his property or an object (although he should be somewhat possessive of me)
  26. Not tolerate other men addressing me in a rude manner, whether that means trash talk or inappropriate touching
  27. Be comfortable talking with me
  28. Be happy in my company
  29. Tolerate, even like, the pet name I give him
  30. Have a life outside of me. I am allowed to be his whole world' emotionally, but not literally. I want him to love me, not obsess over me.
  31. Not be a neat freak
  32. Have body hair; he should not wax or shave excessively, if at all (exception: his face, if he looks cuter without a beard or moustache)
  33. Keep his promises to me and to others, especially if they are important ones
  34. Not mind how I dress
  35. Be comfortable just sitting in silence with me
  36. Not be a serial talker
  37. Be altruistic and willing to help those in need
  38. Be at least slightly geeky or nerdy
  39. Accept me for who I am---my personality, my beliefs, and my looks
  40. Not be afraid of blue collar work (i.e., will mow a lawn with little or no complaint)
  41. Read for pleasure
  42. Enjoy visiting libraries
  43. Enjoy visiting (most) museums
  44. Enjoy listening to rock music (more Classic and Alternative/Indie than other subgenres)
  45. Possess good hygiene
  46. Believes that, with no interference, he and I could fall in love with each other one day
  47. Wants to get married one day
  48. Tolerates my family and is cordial with them
  49. Has a family that is agreeable with me
  50. Not be concerned whether I wear make-up or not and like the way I look with or without it
  51. Not be overly religious. He should forgive me for my minor sins.
  52. Enjoy the company of children as a whole
  53. Like animals and believe in treating them humanely
  54. Always offer to pay for our dates, unless we have made a previous agreement
  55. Make an effort to call me before I call him to coordinate dates
  56. Contact me just to ask how I am doing that day and to remind me that he misses and cares for me
  57. Be willing to proceed slowly in our relationship; he must respect my boundaries and not pressure me for more physical intensity than I wish for.
  58. Understands the meaning of ‘no' in all situations, sexual or otherwise, and respects my right to say no'
  59. Should not immediately declare his love for me; he should wait at least a few months, not days or weeks.
  60. Think that my weight is fine (i.e., not too skinny, not too fat), unless I am sick and need medical attention
  61. Stay reasonably updated on the news (i.e., reads the newspaper for something besides the comics or sports statistics at least once or twice a week)
  62. Eat meat; cannot be a vegetarian or have a severely restricted diet, unless he has serious allergies
  63. Not be especially vain (metrosexuality will not be tolerated)
  64. Be physically fit, but not too built
  65. Possess gorgeous eyes
  66. Be a Mac person and possess at least basic computer literacy.
  67. Like watching movies, especially with me
  68. Not be a sports-watching junkie. He should generally prefer playing sports over watching them
  69. Must like and respect nature
  70. Must not be afraid to admit that there's a problem in our relationship
  71. Not be afraid to tell me if something I do turns him on or excites him in any way
  72. Must respect my friends
  73. Must respect my choice not to drink
  74. Must not do drugs. He can only drink in moderation and better not smoke.
  75. Must respect my privacy and understand that I want to be alone sometimes.
  76. Must like visiting parks.
  77. Have some financial sense and not buy me expensive gifts on a regular basis
  78. Always respond to my emails within a reasonable amount of time
  79. Not feel intimidated by me
  80. Be appreciative that I am his
  81. Not be too judgmental; he should be an advocate of constructive criticism.
  82. Must be respectful of the elderly in particular
  83. Not be afraid of foreign languages and cultures
  84. Be willing to hold a job when his high school/college studies are not too consuming. He should have a job relatively soon after he graduates from college.
  85. Be kind and considerate
  86. Touch me---physically or emotionally---without prompting
  87. Surprise me with his tender and generous side
  88. Generally be willing to loan his things to me with the understanding that I will loan my belongings to him, as well, and that I will replace anything I damage
  89. Tolerate my little games and be willing to play along in them most of the time
  90. Respect my professional space
  91. Respect my right to hold secrets that don't affect him
  92. Not keep secrets from me, unless they really don't affect me
  93. Have an inquisitive mind
  94. Tolerate my inquisitive mind
  95. Not rush through life and live in the moment, especially when he is with me
  96. Not be ashamed of me
  97. Celebrate with me in my accomplishments
  98. Be assertive
  99. Be concerned about my happiness
  100. Make every effort to be the best boyfriend he can be
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