Picking Up Women On Public Transport

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Picking Up Women On Public Transport

As busy men ourselves, a grueling day at work or school can literally drain all the energy out of us. Sometimes we tend not to have the time to go out and meet women at bars or nightclubs. But let’s face it: Beautiful women are everywhere and a true player can meet them anywhere -- even on public transit.

Even a long jaded ride on the bus or train can become what may seem like an enjoyable roller coaster experience. With the following list of tips that we have gathered, your next trip on public transport may just well be the beginning of a new liaison.

However, do note that these tips can really only be applied on public transport. Additionally, there might be certain limitations to your game on buses and trains, as explained below.

Present yourself positively
If you aren’t in the habit of being courteous, it’s certainly time to start. Make your presence felt positively by everyone, including her. You can do this with simple acts of courtesy such as giving your seat up for the older woman beside you, or even helping the mother to carry her baby carriage up the stairs. By doing this, she’ll perceive you as a man who is not just sociable, but gentlemanly as well.

Dale Carnegie, the esteemed author of the best-seller How to Win Friends and Influence People, wrote in his book that one of the six musts is to simply smile. Indeed, a smile can make all the difference in the world despite its simplicity and spontaneity. It can be extremely contagious, so project your best smile at her (albeit not creepily) as you approach her, and there is a big chance that she’ll smile back at you.

Speak to her
On public transport, it is imperative that you initiate a conversation as soon as the proximity is socially acceptable (for example, when she sits down beside you, you stand beside her). Wait any longer and you’ll come off as a creepy stranger who’s been silently plotting your move for the past five minutes.

Essentially, there are three types of opening lines you could use on public transport: situational remarks (“I can’t believe the bus is actually on time for once”), specific compliments (“Nice bag – where did you get it?”) or something bold and totally out of the blue.

Get the number and get out
This is one of the limitations of meeting women on public transport; you may have to get off at an earlier stop so as to avoid lurking around on the same spot after getting her number.

As soon as you find a common interest with her, take your cell phone out and get her number. For newbies, you could say something along the lines of “Listen, I have to get off at the next stop but I’m really enjoying this conversation. So just enter your number here, and maybe we’ll see each other again.”


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