Most Arousing Foreplay Positions

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Most Arousing Foreplay Positions


Most men don't think about positions when they think about foreplay and foreplay techniques. This is a mistake. The best lovers understand that satisfying their partner is more than an exercise in ego; it's an art in which both partners benefit. Learn how each of these 10 positions allows you to get most arousal out of every foreplay position.

  1.  Standing face to face lets you make eye contact while touching each other, and that's a potent arousal factor. It also allows for full frontal contact, from the lightest brush to dirty-dancing bump-and-grind.
  2. Standing front to back is a highly underrated foreplay position. Keep in mind that foreplay starts long before you hit the bedroom. Reach out and touch your lover when you're standing in line for movie tickets. Put your hands on her hips and pull her back against you, letting her feel how much she turns you on. Secret intimate touches in public make this one of the most arousing of foreplay positions.
  3. Don't underestimate the power of those secret touches. Let your knee brush hers or press her thigh lightly when you're sitting side by side on the couch or at dinner.
  4. Lucky you if your girlfriend enjoys sitting on the floor at your feet. One way to get her there is to offer to brush her hair, an offer few women can't resist. Use your feet to lightly brush the outside of her thighs and watch the arousal meter rise.
  5. Or flip the dynamic and sit at her feet by offering a foot rub. A delicious foot massage can easily turn into a more delicious session of hot love-making.
  6. Straddle your partner's hips while giving her a backrub. You can lean forward over her, kiss the back of her neck, rock your hips against her bottom - all ways to arouse her and let her feel your arousal.
  7. Pull her feet into your lap when you're watching television on the couch or offer your lap as a pillow. Either way, use gentle touches and stroking, but let her lead the way toward more arousing activities.
  8. Spooning in bed is one of the most natural positions for arousing foreplay. You're in the perfect position to touch, cup, stroke and kiss from the back of her neck to the backs of her knees.
  9. Lying in bed face to face puts you in the perfect position for kissing, one of the most arousing forms of foreplay ever conceived. Be sure to involve your whole body, though - stroke with your hands, rub with a knee, and let your toes tease along an inner calf to heighten the arousal.
  10. The classic sixty-nine position is, of course, a perfect position for giving and getting oral pleasure. Keep in mind that the "center" of her pleasure is only one of the body parts to which your mouth has easy access to.

As a prelude to most explosive sexual encounters, foreplay positioning power cannot be underestimated. It's indeed an art that should be learned, and mastered by all who love sex.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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