Mars and Venus on a Date: The Battle of the Sexes

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Mars and Venus on a Date: The Battle of the Sexes


What Annoys Women Most About Men

We decided to find out from some women what they find most annoying in men. One lady says she hates a man who is too weak and too submissive. “A man has to be firm and resolute no matter how much he loves a woman. Some men go to the extent of crying when women they love are not cooperating.”

That is absolute non-sense. It annoys me. I also hate men who are too submissive and are ready to do anything for women. This does not mean that I do not want a sensitive man who is open about his feelings, but it means that I want a man to be his own person, think for himself and claim what he wants from a relationship.”

Women hate a stalker. “I cannot tolerate a man who likes to follow me. I like those who have the guts to approach and talk to me”. Women hate a man who monitors her movement or who pesters her. “Imagine your husband calling you up every 15 minutes, when you are very busy in the office. Regardless of how much a man loves me, this can be irritating, as I always like a man to give me a breathing space.”

Men who indulge so much in alcohol put women off. “Everything should have a limit. But some men just never believe in limits. They make drinking a habit and cannot live without it. Alcohol addiction will be the first thing that will drive me away from any man”.

They hate dominant men. “I hate men who always want things to be carried out as they wish. Some men do not allow women to lead even when it’s obvious that those women can lead better. Some men derive joy in suppressing their partners and it’s not good.

Women naturally are more emotionally inclined than men. But some men are more moody and emotional than women. One moment they are happy and the very next they become angry beasts. It is very difficult to predict how they would react and behave to situations. I will never prefer such men”.

Women hate womanizers, men who go for anything on skirt even when they have preferred, and better behaved women as either girlfriends or wives.

We also gathered that women hate men who show insensitivity towards their feelings, men who boast about their wealth and material acquisitions, men who do not have time for their partners but prefer spending all their time in pursuit of money.

Other factors that women generally do not like in men are arrogance, lies, self-centeredness manipulative attitude, impatience while driving, bad mouth, etc. women want men who know how to behave with a woman.

They hate men who abuse women or use foul language. A man who knows what and how to speak to a woman will be sought after.

Further, women will also go for confident and charismatic men.

So if you want to attract any woman, ask yourself if you have one of the traits that women dislike in a man. Do something positive about it and your dream woman will be yours.

No human being is perfect. There are some bad habits which every human being is indulging in, but these habits should never be out of limits.

Top things men ' Hate ' about woman
Men always find women attractive and try their best to woo her. A woman always needs to be loved and taken care of. In today's society women have taken up powerful corporate and social positions and are making headlines. Carly Fiorina of ex. HP CEO and Indra Nooyi of Pepsi are just two examples. A woman, no matter how powerful, always needs support from a man and vice versa. Men have always lent their shoulders for her to rest on. On the flip side, men have certain complaints about her and we are here to discuss that. annoyed man

Imagine you are busy in an important meeting and the phone keeps on ringing, even though you disconnected it a couple of times. Certainly you would find it dislikable, and this is one point that men find annoying in a woman. Women sometimes fail to understand that her partner or husband have other work apart from answering her calls and tending to her constantly- it makes them seem too needy, which usually a big turn off for a man. Many men find it quite irritating when their partners shout at them because the shirt is not at the proper place or the trousers are lying on the ground, for example- because it comes off as a nagging attitude. A Man always wants his woman to take active interest in his work and indifference in that aspect definitely annoys him, because he feels she does not care if interest in not genuinely expressed.

These factors do not really cause a dent in a relationship necessarily, but definitely small ripples are created. A man and a woman should be careful of not invading into each other's personal space too much. Men sometimes do not like the self centered attitude of women. Women are sometimes so worried about themselves that they forget there are other people around. Over possessiveness, jealously and undue interest in other men are certain traits that a man dislikes in a woman.

Imagine you both having a coffee and suddenly a good looking man walks in. Your girlfriend suddenly starts to talk about him and gives undue attention and starts comparing you. Is this something that you would appreciate? Certainly not! After all we all have our own feelings and being compared to another man without any justification surely hurts.

There are several other factors that can turn off a man's feeling towards a woman. If a woman tries to exhibit too much of manliness that can definitely turn off a man. Women often fail to take care of their physical appearance after child birth or after being with their partner for a while. This is something that bothers men, as they are visual creatures. While women do not and should torture themselves to look a certain way and be a certain size, a woman should invest her best efforts in staying in healthy physical shape- for herself and to please her partner. There is nothing wrong with men and women doing things to please each other, as long as it is done in a healthy manner and no one is being criticized in a hurtful way or having unrealistic expectations put on them.

Some Women are too worried about the materialistic things in life. They forget the finer points in a relationship and become too worried about that big car or a big house. This fact sometimes annoys men, especially if he is not able to fulfill her requirements or it seems like she is never pleased. To maintain a happy relationship, a woman should always try to understand the parameters of her partner and not push him too hard for materialistic things. Spending too much money on jewelry, clothing and ignoring the needs of her partner sometimes disturb men and make him think of the relationship with doubt.

Another important factor that can play spoilsport in a relationship is the lack of interest in sex. After a certain period in relationship women tend to lose interest in sex. This is something that bothers her partner and leaves him confused. If there is a genuine reason it should be discussed between the partners to enjoy the bliss of togetherness.

Some of the factors mentioned above are truly disturbing for The silver lining is all this can be sorted out if the partners try to accommodate each other and share their opinions. A woman should always discuss her problems in a relationship with her partner, rather than gossiping with friends or keeping it all inside, assuming he will figure it out. This may further deepen the dent in a relationship. Every man craves for a certain amount of importance from his partner. He feels good if he gets priority in the finer things in life from his partner. It is always important for a woman to display her feminine characteristics to the best of her ability. This, along with team work can make a man happy and drive a relationship to the pinnacle of happiness.

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Top things Women Hate about men.
The relationship between men and women has always been a love-hate type. This article will describe what a woman finds most annoying in her partner. Though this is a much debated topic, we know for sure that a woman never likes a man who is weak or shows too much of interest in her initially. Similarly there are many points that psychologists have tried to analyze. It would be very easy to put it down in a few simple points, but perhaps it is best to debate this topic by asking questions. How would you feel if you see your man with another woman what women hate about menenjoying a cup of coffee at the coffee shop around the street corner? Chances are, you would feel a sense of jealousy, even if the woman is just an office colleague who just wanted to feel a little relaxed. This is just an example and hundreds more can be cited. Any relationship can survive just on one sentence ?Trust me and I will never let you down?. If you really mean it, this can be the foundation of any statement.

Many Psychoanalysts often point out that women often contradict themselves while expressing what they desire and do not desire in men. Though women publicly admit that they like men who are strong, secretly they like a man on whom she can wield certain amount of power. Well for all the men reading this article, the Billy Joel song? She is always a woman for me? is how we would love to define her. No matter what, men will always enjoy the company of women. Let me now bring out certain points which women definitely find annoying in a man. Imagine your boyfriend calling you up every 15 minutes, when you are in the middle of a busy road. Regardless of how much you love your partner, this can become very irritating, as you would feel you are free to be on your own, due to the constant phone calls.

Now imagine you are on a first date and he starts talking about the amount of money that he has made in the stock markets or the new Ferrari that he has bought. I am sure more often than not a woman would not like to hear about these things on the first date. While do talk about what they do for a living on first dates, it is usually considered annoying and ruse for someone to brag about their earnings.

It is also likely (majority of the times) that a woman would not like a person who would show insensitivity towards her feelings. This is a mistake that many men make and women do not like this attitude from them. There are many other factors that women generally do not like in men such as arrogance, lies, submissive behavior, etc. Never ever show a woman that you have a weak character. This is one of the traits that women dislike in a man. It is a mistake that many men make by making a woman feel that he is ready to fall at her feet. Contrary to a man's thinking that a woman would appreciate it, women get annoyed with men who are too submissive and ready to do anything for her. This does not mean that a woman does not want a sensitive man who is open about his feelings, but it does mean that a woman still wants a man to be his own person, think for himself and claim what he wants from a relationship.

A woman's relationship with a man is very delicate and she looks for a strong shoulder to rest her head. A woman always likes a man who has a big heart and ready to share and care. A self-centered man is rarely loved by women and more often than not will crave for female company. You are setting yourself up for failure, if you show undue interest in other women when you are with a woman. This is a behavior that women dislike and will definitely put her off. Manipulative attitude is something that women dislike in a man. Hence, try to be as open in your behavior as possible and at the same time do not fall prey if she displays manipulative behavior. Keeping these points in mind, you can win over a woman. Remember that love blossoms slowly and you need to give your woman time and space if you really want to win her over. We have tried to explore few points that make a woman annoyed with a man. There may be many more and hence it is always advisable that you always be yourself when you are on your initial dates.

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Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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