Keys to a happy marriage

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Keys to a happy marriage

    Happy marriage is about understanding your partner, being supportive and nice with him. Long lasting happy marriage have great communication. It is based on is deep friendship, knowing each other well, having mutual respect about each other. There is commitment to staying together. Couple must stay together with their special ways for repairing their relationship. God is the ultimate and divine authority on marriage. Marriage is union of husband and wife. Marriage is piece of paper. This represents a bundle of rights, responsibilities, privileges, and immunities that these two parties, have with each other. Age, experience and family impacts on happy married life. Marital stages teach us to appreciate one another, our children, our grandchildren and life itself. Happy marriage has good friendship.

Both men and women must have sacrificing and healing attitude with each other. The family is the oldest of all human institutions. Marriage is similar to start as building construction. There are two keys for happy marriage. one is love and another is sensible soul. There are physical need, emotional need and companionship of friendship. You have to fulfill it for successful marriage. Marriages based on fantasy, fakery and illusion are doomed. You must be willing to put time, effort and thought into nurturing your marriage. 

Tips for happy marriage 
You will marry with someone for many reasons. Your parner has many wonderful qualities. Following are some tips for happy marriage.
  • Ignore the little annoying things.
  • Compliments are powerful and easy to give so give more and more compliments to your partner.
  • Avoid rude and harsh treating to your partner as you possible.
  • Give special importance and time for their things.
  • Say three important words every day.
  • Spend more time with your spouse.
  • Before speaking, clarify the outcome you want.
  • Be a good listener. Understand your spouse from his or her point of view.
  • Be willing to compromise.
  • Look for positive activities you can do together.
  • Make your relationship more romantic

How to have a good relationship with your love
All relationships blossom into loving relationships when people decide to share instead of trying to change each other. If you make a mistake by doing or saying something that is hurtful or damaging to the relationship. Having a good relationship means having the energy to enjoy getting out and doing things together. We all want to be loved and have a happy and long-lasting relationship with a person that we care about. Know that both romantic love and the power struggle are not the destination, but are stages on the road to 'real love'. You have to know that most people in your life are happy about relationship. 

Relation with your love 
If something has happened in your relationship causing the trust to waiver, you will have many things to work through. Courage is also necessary to admit that we are not perfect. Learn to do the one thing that is most likely to restore good feeling in your relationship. Any time you are involved in a relationship that leaves you with a sense of worthlessness, it is not one God would want for you. There are many things you can do for your relationship. When couples are having problems in a relationship, communication is the first thing to stop. Loving relationships can be a source of joy, comfort, sorrow and frustration

Ways for good relationship 
Spending quality time is most important in relationship. You must show courtesy in your relationship. You have to keep your relationship beautiful by applying various ideas. Many people carry out romance in their relationship. It is not good for your relationship. Intimacy and passion in relationships is not only important but also healthy. Your romantic relationship is at its best when your love is a combination of Phi leo, Agape, Storage, Eros. Make happy first yourself and then your partner. For keeping common ground and understanding from different point of view you have strong communication.













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