If You've Made Mistakes and Prove to Your Spouse You Can Be Trusted

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If You've Made Mistakes and Prove to Your Spouse You Can Be Trusted

If you're at the point where you're struggling to save your marriage because of mistakes you've made, then you're probably frustrated, panicking and don't really know where to turn next for help. Well I'm going to take you through the steps you MUST take, if you're going to successfully save your marriage and convince your spouse you can be trusted.

Steps to Save Your Marriage

  1. Make sure you FULLY understand why your spouse has raised the objects they have about the mistakes you've made. If you don't fully understand or believe you've truly made mistakes, then any attempt you make to repair your marriage will be superficial, won't last and your spouse will see through it.

  2. Apologize from the bottom of your heart for what you have done and keep on apologizing. If you cheated on your spouse, betrayed your spouse in some other way, you cannot expect your spouse to just forgive you over night. For your marriage to be in trouble, a deep betrayal has taken place and that is going to take time to get over, so allow your spouse that time.

  3. Seek out some expert marriage repair help! Once you go looking for the right kind of expert help to save your marriage, then your spouse will see that you are serious about making things right. Really, anything less than finding expert marriage repair help will be seen by your spouse as just you talking. Walk the talk and be ready to prove you're 100% serious!

  4. Make sure the mistake you made is OVER/DONE with! If you were having an affair there should absolutely be NO further contact between you and your ex-lover. If you want forgiveness and trust this is the ground on which trust and forgiveness will be built. Get caught out making the same mistake again and your marriage will be over, so end it now!

  5. To rebuild the trust in your marriage and get past the mistake you've made, bite the bullet and explain as clearly as you can to your spouse why you made the mistake. Your spouse will no doubt have questions and they will want answers. Show your spouse you have nothing to hide by making a full and frank confession and explanation and answer ALL their questions, no matter how uncomfortable they make you!

Now pretty much you will have successes and you will have failures as you attempt to convince your spouse you're serious about saving your marriage. It is not a straightforward thing rebuilding trust in a marriage, but if you're solid in your goals your spouse will see that and you WILL succeed in saving your marriage.
Whatever You Do Don't Risk Losing Your Marriage And The Spouse You Love!

Take that extra step I suggested in Step 3 and get that expert marriage repair help


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Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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