How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl 

    To start a conversation with a girl, pickup lines are not encouraged. Girls do not find pickup lines very clever, and they will want something more original from you. Therefore to start a conversation with a girl, it will be best for you to approach her in a more natural and real manner.

Let me share with you 4 simple tips that you need to do in order to start a conversation with a girl:
  1. Be observant. Be alert and observe her and the surroundings. For example, pay attention on what she wears and hold, and study the surroundings of the place. This will give you more ideas on what to talk about later on when you approach her.
  2. Pick up your courage and just do it. Do not stall and consider, as this will usually cause you to either miss the opportunity or psych yourself out. Therefore the key here is to act fast, just pick up your courage and go. Do not be afraid of rejection.
  3. Do not ask her a “Yes” or “No question. By doing this, you are only forcing her to give you a one word reply, which eventually kills off the conversation before you can talk further. Instead of asking her questions like “Do you love sports”, ask her something like “You look very sporty, what makes you like doing sports so much”. Do you see the difference here?
  4. Have a confident mindset. By thinking negatively even before you start a conversation with a girl, you are basically killing your chances off. Think positively, and trust yourself more. To start a conversation with a girl is as hard as you imagine. As long as you are doing the right things, you will be able to make the conversation flows smoothly.


  1. Act quickly when you see a girl that captures your interest. If you take too long you may lose your opportunity, or your courage.
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings, including what she's wearing, carrying, who she's with and the scent of her perfume. This will give you ideas to strike up a conversation.
  3. Look for a girl with your level of energy. If you are an outgoing, talkative guy, then start a conversation with a girl who is also talkative. If you are quiet and mellow, then pickup on a girl who has a similar personality.
  4. Pickup a girl by talking about props in your surrounding. These can be what she is drinking, an outfit she is wearing or the lighting in the bar.
  5. Ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. An open-ended question is one that requires more than "yes" or "no" to answer it.









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