How to Please Your Husband

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How to Please Your Husband

Making a happy marriage is of course an effort from both partners, thus, if you are a wife who wants to make your marriage happy, it is important that you know how to please your husband.

One way of showing your love to your spouse is giving. When you give and know how to please your husband, you will most likely receive more love as well. In a relationship, however, it is important that you give and love unconditionally.

For ideas on how to please your husband, here are a few to add to your list. Keep in mind that no matter how small it is, it could be of big help to maintaining a happy marriage.

  • Listen and pay attention. Listening is one way to settle arguments, appeasing anger between spouse and in decision-making in marriage. If you know how to listen, you will be able to iron out things easily.
  •  Learn to manage your finances well. Do not indulge in luxuries and debts without letting your husband know. Troubled finances between couples often cause arguments and can sometimes lead to divorce, so avoid it from the start.
  •  Take care of your children. Provide them with good food and nutrition, as well as keep them clean. Although parenthood should be a shared responsibility, giving extra care to make the children healthy, clean and well-taught can be a good way on how to please your husband, especially if you are a homemaker.
  • Limit jealousy. Some levels of jealousy may be flattering to a man or woman but it can also grow into an annoying habit. Before you get into that trouble in your married life, learn to trust your husband. Keep jealousy to a level where it is still admirable. Trust your partner.
  • Make him enjoy the lovemaking. It is an essential part of marriage and gone are those days that only men can initiate the lovemaking act. Initiating lovemaking with your partner will also make him feel wanted. If you want to please your husband in bed, variety is also a key. You can find many resources online on how to please your husband in bed or ask him what he likes.
  • Make yourself pleasing. Be attractive for your husband. Not because you are already married you will now quit making yourself beautiful to your husband. Still do. You may not be conscious like before when you were dating, but try to be pleasing at least to the eyes of your husband.
  • Be loyal to him. Marriage is about commitment to your husband and keeping that promise is indeed a good requisite of a happy marriage. Support your husband in times when he experiences bad days at work or if he is having a hard time with his business.
  • Appreciate your husband. If you love to be appreciated, so is your partner. Cultivate the habit of being appreciative for things that your husband do for you, for the family and for the marriage. Instead of picking on his weaknesses and finding faults, learn to appreciate him. This way, he will most likely reciprocate it with more good deeds.



















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