How to Mend a Relationship?

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How to Mend a Relationship?


There are some relationships meant to last for a moment and some are meant to last a lifetime. Many of us mix-up the lifetime relationships with those that are meant to be for a moment. We sometimes find ourselves estranged from those that are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. This article will show "How to Mend a Relationship" that is meant to be for a lifetime.

  1. To start the first step would be to read and then live the 12 Steps to Serenity. Many of you may understand this as the 12 Step used in recovery programs for alcoholism or other addictions, well, it is. It is also appropriate recovering from a dysfunctional lifestyle or relationship.

  2. Takes steps in healing by admitting that you have made mistakes that may have caused pain and suffering in the relationship. Do not concern yourself with any mistakes that the other person has made along the way. Your concern is to make yourself a better person.

  3. Try to make amends for the mistakes you have made in the relationship when making amends will not cause addition pain and suffering.

  4. Continue to show that the relationship you are trying to mend is an important relationship and the person to which you are in the relationship is a very important person in your life.

  5. Do not become so obsessed with mending the past that you for get the purpose for mending the past is to build a future. Mend what needs to be mended, but build a new relationship as you go along.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember the 12 Steps to Serenity for there is guidance and strength therein.

  • Almost all relationships can be mended. Those that are estranged maybe brought back together. Mending a relationship does not mean that a relationship be brought back to previous state. Mending gives relationship a new life from no life.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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