How to Give a Special Gift to Your Spouse

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How to Give a Special Gift to Your Spouse

One of the things that occupies most of my mind during the Christmas season is what on earth to get my wonderful husband. He deserves so much, and yet he claims that he needs nothing. This year, I think I finally found the right special gift, so honey, if you are reading this, please stop. If you need something to distract you, the handle on the upstairs toilet is still not working correctly.

Okay, is he gone?


As I was saying, I want to get him a special gift, one that he could cherish through the years. He offered to buy himself some shoes he needed and wrap those and put them under the tree. We are nothing if not a practical on-a-budget-family. Shoes are nice, but special? And ones that you purchase yourself?

Ah-ha, but I got a great idea this year for that special gift. It happened when I was stumbling around looking for my missing diamond earring (which was a great gift from him one year). I had to empty out cupboards and drawers in my frantic search, and I came across something that I probably haven't touched in years. It was a book, or precisely, a journal.

Back before we were married, I took a blank journal off of my bookshelf, and we started writing letters to each other in the book. These were all of the things that we wanted to say to each other but didn't have the time or the courage to do so in person. Letters can be so personal and so enlightening both the the writer and the receiver.

As life would have it, three kids came along, with work and home obligations thrown in for good measure, and the book was forgotten, abandoned in a cubby. This year, I am going to add to it, a letter, filled with everything I want to tell him but don't have the time or the courage. A letter to tell him that more than eight years later my love for him is deeper than any I could have imagined, that despite all that I know about him now, or because of it, I can't imagine life being any better with anyone else.

If you are looking for a special gift this holiday season for your spouse, why not consider a journal where you an each record your thoughts. or perhaps maybe just a letter. It will probably last longer than shoes.

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