How to Get Your Wife in the Mood for Sex and Romance

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How to Get Your Wife in the Mood for Sex and Romance

Want to know how to get your wife in the mood? Would you like to know how to improve your sex life with your wife? Would you like to have sex more often with your wife? Do you want her to want you? No, I don't think you know what I mean, I mean REALLY WANT YOU! This article will give you some steps to help your wife fall in love with you and turn up the heat in your bedroom.

If you are willing to learn a few new tricks (who said old dogs - oops, guys - can't learn new tricks?), commit these techniques to your memory, exercise your patience by committing to dedicating yourself to implementing these steps for the long haul, and have the ability to develop a true loving servant's heart then you will be simply irresistible to your wife. A servant's heart is willing to humble themselves to serve others without expecting anything in return. 
  1. Take 5 to 15 minutes every day upon waking and before entering your home to do an attitude check. Look for thoughts of selfishness, and manipulative ideas inside your thoughts and check for an agitated impatient mood. When you are tired from a long day, exhausted from a ton of deadlines, angry from the boss getting on your case, or frustrated from hours of traffic and crazy drivers, your attitude and demeanor will change. Leave it outside your home - get rid of it, let it go, give it to God, pray to release it, symbolically drop the weight of cares at your door before walking in to greet your wife or children. 

    It might be necessary to pray for some divine help in revealing your selfish tendencies and also pray for help in overcoming them and getting rid of them. Selfishness, ulterior motives (selfish motives), and impatience will cause you to do these steps or things for your wife and expect an INSTANT return. If your wife "feels" this coming from her husband, it is a turn off and it stinks - women, especially wives, can practically smell these traits so eliminate them FAST.
  2. Solving Her Complaints Joyfully will Unlock the Passion in Her Heart for YOU!Listen to your wife's complaints each day and write them down. Study your wife and think about what your wife always complains about. Then next time she starts venting, take mental notes and then transfer these quickly to the paper in your notebook or to your journal for improving the sex and romance in your marriage.
  3. Refuse to allow yourself get mad or feel irritated about her complaints or even to take them personally, mentally imagine your wife is a business consultant and all the "complaints" are really the keys to unlocking the passion in your marriage once you figure out how to solve them. Her complaints are no different than a business or marketing consultant or staging specialist who is paid to walk through a business or home to point out everything that needs improvement so that it can generate the most income or be sold for the highest price. 

    These things that are so irritating to your wife about you, the house, or the kids - once you fix them - will make you so irresistible that once resolved you will not be able to keep her off of you or quiet because she will be telling all her friends about what an amazing spectacular husband and lover that she has at home. 

    She fell in love with you and married you because she thought you could solve some serious empty spaces in her life. Once married, you probably forgot this and became busy after you won her in marriage or had children. If you become good at solving her problems again (needs expressed through complaining), you will turn her on to you sexually, physically, and emotionally.
  4. Get Your Wife in the Mood for Sex by Meeting the Needs of Her Heart Apply some of your solving powers to fixing her problems and complaints. 

    Let's say that your wife is a great cook, loves to cook, but complains about the dishes. This is a sign that she REALLY doesn't like doing them. Some women are quiet about what they don't like, if that is the case, just point blank ask your wife what she doesn't like - don't get mad about what she says, write it down (anger is not usually very attractive, it is usually ugly and a turn off). 

    The next time she cooks a nice dinner, get up after dinner before the food crusts and hardens on the plate and start cleaning the dishes. Rinse them, load the dishwasher, and run it. Or wash them by hand and set them out to dry. If you have got a lot to do, put on some fun music and dance while you do them. 

    Your wife will probably enjoy watching you from afar and wonder what in the world got into you. Not only are you doing the dishes but you are having a fun time doing it - you are singing, dancing, shaking your booty, and NOT complaining or huffing. She will probably watch you and wonder, ah, what is he up to. I wonder how long this will last... Or if she is mad at you, she might think "oh, he wants to get some, well hymph I will show him!" If she chooses the latter approach, determine that your good attitude will outlast her and win her heart back and spark the flames of passion. Usually people don't fall in love with lazy, complaining, selfish people-women fall in love with and find men irresistible who are active, positive, joyful, and helpful without having to be prodded or asked (nagged).
  5. Remain dedicated to continue to solve her problems, without complaint, and without getting frustrating or telling her that you want the bedroom to heat up. Stand firm and be firm about being a great lover to your wife - firmness emotionally is a hint of great things to come. 

    Some men, many men, blow it right here. They do the dishes a few night while she is observing them and then they complain. They reveal they had a motive and now you are in the dog house after washing a bunch of dishes.
  6. Respect and honor the differences between men and women. If you think about this-you will see how silly many marital issues really are. When you met, you loved her difference from you - her curves and her different attitude and approach on life. It enhanced your life experience, so you continued dating and married. After marriage, sometimes we unwittingly try to give our spouses a sex change emotionally. 

    Men are like microwaves, women are like ovens that need to preheat. Your wife needs some time to observe you and let it simmer in her mind while her libido starts to slowly, S-L-L-O-O-O-W-L-Y picks up. She is going to want to see if you are up to something, if you are being manipulative, and if this new helpful you is going to last. 

    She might also need a few weeks to get some energy back from doing most of the chores, research shows that women, whether they work or not, do most of the chores and work with the kids and this saps her energy. She is probably going to talk with her friends about your new behavior (or her counselor or life coach!) and she will need to think on it.
  7. Stick with your plan, no complaining, solving what bothers her and saps her energy. Also be available in the bedroom, be flirtatious and charming, and try to create an atmosphere and environment of romance in your home and bedroom so that you can have the mood and space set for sex when it happens. Remember, if you are dead tired with a mile long list of things to do - sex feels like work; however, if you have some extra help and support from your spouse that meets your needs and allows you to re-energize, then you will be ready to devote your extra new found energy into passionate love-making with that heroic sexy husband who learned how to make your life more enjoyable. 

    As you tackle what plagues her, continue on to learning the tips and tricks in Part II of Get Your Wife in the Mood for Sex and Romance.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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