How to Feed his Ego and Keep Your Boyfriend Interested in You Forever

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 How to Feed his Ego and Keep Your Boyfriend Interested in You Forever

    Let's face it ladies. Men love compliments just as much as women do, perhaps more. An ego boost can do more for a man than you could ever realize and possibly get him eating right out of the palm of your hand
  1. Direct your ego massage into the following categories: Love, Sex, Body, Mind, and Money. These are the areas that he is most likely to respond most positively to.
  2. Telling him that he is smart is great but give some detail on a particular thing you were really impressed by.
  3.  Ensure him that he is an adequate provider. Guys love to know that their efforts are appreciated and that they make a difference.
  4. Remind him every now and again just how great he is in bed. No matter what, he is the king. If he needs a little help you can gently guide him without smashing his male ego.

Keep Your Boyfriend Interested in You Forever
The very fact that you are reading this article now indicates that your relationship with your boyfriend is not as smooth as before. Before matters begin to get worse day after day, you may want to act in a positive way to keep your boyfriend interested in you and the magical feeling of love between the both of you intact. So, what can you do to ensure that your boyfriend has the same soft corner and special feelings for you just as you have for him?

A little understanding about "Men Psychology" will help you determine the right answer to handle this situation. You have to learn to "Let Go" as men enjoy personal space and need to be in control of whatever they do. They do not like to be hemmed in with too many emotions and feelings as they need freedom. Therefore, it is ideal for you to learn to "Let Go" your hold on your boyfriend and allow him to be by himself for a while - may be for few days or months.

When you notice that your boyfriend is distancing himself from you for no apparent reason then you must understand that you are too overbearing on him. You must be pushing him to the limits and he is striving to maintain his personal space and freedom by remaining in control. So, it is extremely important to give your man the space he needs if you want him to continue to love you with the same fervor.

Secondly, you have to understand that men take relatively long time to commit themselves to anything be it a relationship or a business venture. They will not give their consent unless and until they are ready in every sense of their being. Therefore, if you feel that your boyfriend keeps dodging any matters concerning your relationship and marriage, then you should respect his decisions and ensure not to push him too hard. If not, it may be quite possible for him to avoid you totally and your relationship may begin to lose its grounds leaving you bewildered. You have to let him know through your behavior that he holds the fort and you that you are always there to support him in whatever stand he takes.

In fact, if you are seeing each other as "friends", then you tend to strike beautiful cord with each other as "Friendship is the grandest form of all human loves". By being a little bit more elusive and unavailable to him, you can retain his interest in you. Without being pushy, you can maintain the charm of your relationship and your boyfriend will stay attracted to you for ever.






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