How to discuss marriage problems with your husband

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How to discuss marriage problems with your husband

    All marriages have some good time and some bad time. Marriage counseling can help for troublesome marriage. Couples who are suffering from marriage problems consider the divorce. It make change in your relationship with your spouse. Any marriage can be saved. But for this both have patience and mutual understanding for this. Find advice and support to save your marriage Relationship are constantly changing. 

How to deal with marriage problem
Both husband and wife have same problem. If they were married too young then un maturity is becomes problem between them. Marriage problems have different type of symptoms. Feeling of not being appreciated, flirting with others or misbehaving with children and with spouse. He is not ready for solving money problem. There will be problems occurs because respect and trust is decreases towards each other. No other can change yourself without you. The problems we experience are opportunities for us to identify what parts we need to lose. 

Ways to say marriage problem to husband
Weight is also becoming a problem in husband and wife. Say your husband clearly your problem and discuss with him for the solution. If you are bored with his dirty habit tell him to change it or reduce it slowly. Tell your husbands it is time to grow up and face their problems and if they are not man enough to face life, be a man and a husband and get a job you will find someone who will. Every marriage relationship have some fights. Relation is the integral part of human being. Problems in relationship goes towards the splitting up or divorce. 

Marriage issues 
There are various issues of marriage and always a pressure on marriage. Marriage counseling will help you to rebuild your relationship. Blended family is also issue if marriage. It means child is included from previous relationship into the family. Mental health and physical health are also problem with the marriage. Distress in relationship can cause for the undue stress, tension, worry fear and other problems. Bad relationship causes for physical or psychological problem. 

How to be assertive with your spouse
Anyone can be assertive but it involves practice. Being assertive is good for marriage you can't get what you want from your man without telling him. But even if you feel you can't just come right out and say what you want, you can still get your point across. The key is non-verbal communication. Assertiveness is a unique tool for any manager's toolbox or for anyone who can apply it in their daily lives. 

Assertiveness is for the most part is straight forward, honest and identifies personal needs to another person. where others can develop there own style as a learned behavior. Those who have supreme skill with assertiveness will reduce conflict in the workplace, at home and other social environments. Assertive behavior seems to be the stress reducer in awkward situations and usually becomes the peacemaker in chaotic environments. 

There are many ways to develop an assertive approach for managing conflict. Cultures have their own norms they abide by so be courteous when attempting to be assertive in a diverse environment. It is easy to attack others verbally in conflict, don't hurt others when trying to express yourself. Identify your feelings in a respectful manner. After all it's not what is said but how it is said with the tone of the speaker. Most important of all the factors when developing your assertive style you must listen.

Learn how to be assertive
Assertive behavior is the medium that makes everyone come out on top feeling better about the situation. Everyone wins when 

If you are getting too little of what you want and too much of what you do not like, now is the time to assert yourself and have complete control of your destiny!
  • Assertiveness must be used properly.
  • Oozing with self-confidence and being positive about your future
  • Feeling secure in a truthful and stable relationship
  • Gaining the trust and respect of your co-workers and friends.
  • Feeling more in command and confident of your decisions.

Getting the best opportunities to enjoy what you really want from life. Assertiveness will help you get what you really want. Assertiveness requires direct, open, and honest communication between people. This can be between you and an associate, a friend, or spouse.

Start right at this moment! Decide to become more assertive, decisive, and be more in control of your life. 

Husbands prefer their wives to be assertive with them. They actually want to please their wives. They want their wives to be happy. But all too often husbands don't know what it is their wife needs because she doesn't speak up for her self assertively! 













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Relationship problems 02/17/2010 10:43

It is very difficult to find people who don’t have problems in their relationship. In this world no relationship is perfect, so don't expect that you will not face any problem in your relationship.