How to Deal with a Stone-Hearted Man

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How to Deal with a Stone-Hearted Man

The secret to a successful relationship between a man and a woman lies in sharing their feelings with each other. Though many couples have this practice, many a time the male in the couple tends to become self-centered, uninterested and distant in whatever the woman says or does. With this behavior, the woman tends to feel uneasy, unneeded, unwanted and sometimes self conscience.

You know when your man is stone hearted when he doesn’t hold your hand, doesn’t call you much and tends to look past you. You tend to wonder how to deal with a stone hearted man. And there is a solution to this predicament. You first have to make the man feel as if he is the center of attraction through your actions and reactions. Don’t overdo it by becoming his slave and heeding to all his bids. Just pay some extra attention to him, and you will find differences in his behavior.

It is interesting to learn that stone hearted men become so stone hearted as they are afraid of becoming too dependant on you. So they push you back to place some emotional. Distance between you two so that they don’t feel needed and wanted and so that you don’t expect too much from the relationship. So it proves to be better if you don’t ask too much from him like comparing others’ assets, clothing with yours.

Once you make comparisons, the man thinks you expect him to do the same and thus turns stone hearted. However you can reduce the distance in your relationship by giving him more freedom and not too much of a tension in making ends meets.

Once he tends to enjoy his life, he finds that he needs you to be with him in sharing his joys and accomplishments in life. Let him get involved in activities he likes like watching football, coaching youth teams or perhaps cooking. With these hobbies, he is sure to find the freedom that he needs. And once he finds this needed freedom, he will want to share more with you and be closer to you.
You could also make some changes in your attitude and mannerisms that may put too much pressure on your relationship. Saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I need you’ too any times may place some pressure on coldhearted men. It is instead better for you to show how much you love him as this is much more valuable than saying it aloud all the time. When on a business trip, such men prefer finding a note in their suitcase with a heart and no words than you calling and telling him you love him every five hours.

The best things you could do to keep the relationship alive are by showing him how you feel about him like making him coffee and packing lunch of his favorite dishes. Put on some sexy perfume when around him, even at home as this is a man who needs to feel that you love him, without actually hearing you say it all the time.


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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