How to Avoid Being Dominated By Your Man

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How to Avoid Being Dominated By Your Man

It is not uncommon for a girl to complain of being dominated by her guy. There are many cases in which the guy may be suffering from small insecurity problems that makes them dominate over their girl. With this insecurity, these guys start asking all sorts of personal questions to their girl and will want every minute detail of all past relationships and of the conversations the girl has with others.

Though this attention may be flattering to the girl in the beginning, this dominance can become a serious negative character in the guy. You are sure to get fed up with this as you lose your privacy and find it rather irritating having to answer all unnecessary questions from your guy. This is why it is better to maintain dominance in such men, so that there is a chance for a successful relationship between both of you.

The first thing that has to be done is to maintain your space and distance from the beginning of the relationship. Tell your guy there is no need of you answering to all his questions relating to the people you talk to. You have to explain to him that you have a life of your own, and that as you don’t interfere in his life and who he interacts with, he does not have the liberty to interfere in your personal matters too.

Instead of being too submissive towards your guy, it may be required to play hard to avoid being dominated by him. Make him wait when you go for dates so that he will realize that you are not one who likes being given slated instructions. When going on dates, instead of letting him pay the bill all the time, you too can pay the bill so that your guy knows that you have the capacity of looking after yourself and have the power to influence him, and are not dependent on him. Of course, don’t do this too often lest your guy gets used to you paying the bill all the time.

If you find his interference ends up in quarrels, you need not make up for the quarrels all the time. Instead, let him realize his mistake, and ask you for pardon. Though you may end up on non-talking terms for some time, you find that this treatment will make your guy realize that you are not dependant on him and that you don’t like his interference in all the matters of your life.

But, no matter how bad the things turn, you will always find the best comfort in your partner’s arms. So instead of running off from the problems it is better to confront them and look for a permanent solution. The Magic Of Making Up by T Dub is specially designed to facilitate couples in resolving their differences however deep they may be and start afresh a blissful and happy life.

Also, at times you may have to let him dominate you; but this should not be made into an everyday affair. In fact, you will like the attention he pours on you by acting dominating over you. You are sure to like him being caring for all your actions; but he should know that there is a limit for everything. Just make it a point to leave breathing space in both your lives, with each of you dominating each other only if and when needed and not unnecessarily.

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