How pornography harms society?

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How pornography harms society?

What pornography is and what it does:
Pornography is nothing more than a cause for stimulation of sexual excitement in a person. Pornography enhances sexual feelings independent of being in the presence of a loved oneor a chosen person. Pornography actually concentrates on the views of human sex organs of people and ways these organs are used and it doesn't have any sort of conversation or exposure to a personality in the pictures portrayed. It's a sort of portraying the human beings body in a degradation manner and without any sort of bond between the people which are being portrayed in the pictures.

Family Research Council (FRC) study on the effects of pornography:
The Family Research Council (FRC) did a study on the devastating effects of pornography and it identifies the harm it does to marriages, children, individuals and communities. Dr. Pat Fagan, Senior Fellow at FRC and Director of the Center for Research on Marriage and Religion, found that "Pornography promotes distrust between husbands and wives, corrodes the conscience, and debases untold thousands of young women."

Many people say, "Oh, pornography is nothing but a form of harmless entertainment, but the evidence found shows it to be "relational and emotional poison."

A. The effects pornography has on individuals and on marriages:
  1. After watching so much pornography, it becomes a means of desensitizing the person who is watching it and many will then search for more perverse materials depicting different pornography acts.
  2. Many men who watch a lot of pornography find themselves seeking sexual aggression, sexual promiscuity, abnormal sexual acts, and it may even include raping someone.
  3. Often men who view a lot of pornography eventually will begin to feel women are nothing more than a commodity or someone for sex and nothing more.
  4. Anyone who watches pornography can become addicted and it's hard for them to stop watching porn videos or movies.
  5. Most married men who are involved in pornography will start to feel dissatisfied with their own conjugal relationships, and also, will become emotionally detached from their wives or their partner.
  6. Pornography is a guide to infidelity, divorce, and will cause havoc in families.
  7. Many who are addicted to pornography will find themselves less interested in the actual act of sexual intercourse.
  8. When a married man and his wife watch pornography they both perceive it as tantamount to infidelity.

B. Harm that pornography does to children:

  1. Children-sex offenders are usually people who've viewed pornography and distributed it to others.
  2. Pornography encourages sexual permissiveness and it also leads to out-of-wedlock births.
  3. Pornography can rob a child of their affectionate family environment, which is vital in a maturing child's life.

Parents who have a close knit family relations, with a good relationship with their children, and caring parents who monitor their children's Internet use, videos watched, and movies have a very good defense against their children getting involved in pornography.


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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