Guide to Being Good Couples

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Guide to Being Good Couples

Many couples, before they got married often imagine that when they become husband and wife, there will be plenty of time for cozy evenings together in a warm setting, sharing their hopes and dreams; a time of strolling together on the side walk; having dinner together and feeding each other in a romantic way; having a shower together; holding hands even in public; reviewing the days activities together; etc. However, this soon turns into a lonely affair with time as each person becomes engrossed in his or her own activities.

When you begin to notice this in your spouse, know that it is neither the time to try fixing your partner nor time to nag over irrelevancies or time to start harboring negative thoughts. Rather all you need do is to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have left any of these tips below undone.

Take Care Of Yourself
Many do forget that whatever is good for them is also likable by the partner. Therefore look good all the time, eat healthy foods exercise regularly to keep in shape and maintain good grooming. If you follow this principle, you will continue to be that vibrant and attractive Mister right and miss right that your spouse fell in love with, no matter your age.

Remember To Say Thank You
Researches so far have confirmed that most spouses consider appreciative words as very important in bonding the couple together. Everyone likes to be appreciated even when some don't deserve it they still consider it a right to be shown some level of appreciation. So remember o notice the little things your spouse does for you, the kids, or for the family. Learn to say thank you with kisses and hugging. You'll put a smile on your spouse's face and a little joy in his/her heart.

Keep the Romance Alive
How long ago did you organize a romantic occasion with your spouse? It could have been long overdue, you know. Be affectionate, write love notes, massage his back, plan a date together. Tell him/her that you still find him attractive. And do not forget to initiate sexual play.

Make Your Spouse A Priority
How stressful is your spouse's daily activities? With everyday stress of the office, kids, home, finance and the like, it is usually very easy to ignore your partner. Find time to be together, to reconnect on a regular basis. Let him know you have an interest in what he/she does. Develop interest in what will get him kicking.


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