Get Him to Love You Again

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Get Him to Love You Again 


Breaking up is probably one of the most traumatic of human experiences. Most people have experienced it and have successfully moved on with their lives. The difficult part is when you still love him and want to get him to love you again.

Understanding the reasons why couples break-up can be used as your barometer to guide you to get him back

  • Poor communications is the number one problem. Two people, who are close, presumed that their partner will know what they want. Unless your spouse is a mind reader, he/she does not have any idea what is inside your head. Remedy: Always express clearly and openly what is in your mind. Say, feel and mean it.
  • Growing apart; he goes his way, you go in yours. The magic of your closeness will be gone. Remedy: Doing activities together seals a relationship. Continue to enjoy each others company. Learn to enjoy what he wants and he will also compromise with yours.
  • Taking each other for granted. Just because you are so familiar with each other, it does not mean that you have forgotten what a gentleman does for his lady. Remedy: Little things mean a lot, do it and you will not regret this extra effort.
  • Physical and mental abuse is taboo in a relationship, it is even illegal. Nagging is a good example. Remedy: Respect and do not allow any harm to befall your spouse, especially from you.
  • Cheating on your partner is the lowest and most vile act in a relationship. Remedy: Be honest in your actions and feeling.

Keep these reasons in mind and you can get him to love you again.


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