Dealing with Stress in Marriage

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Dealing with Stress in Marriage

Here are some more tips to help you deal with stress in your marriage and your life. Spend time each day deliberately not thinking about the negatives and what is wrong with your marriage or life, but look for 1-3 positives each day in your marriage and in your life. When you start looking for positives I'm sure you'll find some. A gratitude journal is a good idea for keeping an eye on the positives on your life. 

Listening to music soothes our soul as one of our local choir songs reminds me. Sing along. Who cares what it sounds like? Singing is a stress reliever.

Do something you enjoy. Take time out to paint, write, garden, play golf, play with the dog or whatever is your thing.

Helping others can also be a way to relieve stress. It often makes you realize you're not so badly off at all. Maybe this is something you and your spouse can do together?

If you're a Christian, prayer is a great way of relieving stress, especially if you and your spouse can pray together about whatever issues are currently causing the stress.

Make an evening or a day together for a date and to recharge your marriage. It might be a visit to the mountains, a day at the beach, a visit to art and craft galleries, antique shops or the markets. Go for a relaxing walk in a pine forest or by the river, whatever is relaxing for you as a couple. It doesn't matter what you do, so long as you are together relaxing.

Switch off from all the things you have to do that are worrying you, and concentrate instead on making your spouse feel special. When we set out to please others we often receive the joy ourselves.

Tackle tasks in order of priority, rather than worrying about too many things. Delegate some tasks if necessary.

We can't get rid of stress completely in our lives but we can choose how we handle it.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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