Dealing with Rebellious Teenagers

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Rebellious teens are youth that don't think about their family members and have no honour for their parents. They don't think regarding what their friend circle and social will say about their rebel activities. Rebellious teens are a label that has been roughly for many generations. This is a misnomer. Rebellion mean a complete turning against the whole thing they have been educated. This just isn't the case in most case. They are trying to find ways to reach the autonomy that comes with maturity. This is where the confusion comes into play. Legally, they are still children, they have yet to test. The waters of real life; rent, food, car upkeep, work, and independence. It is natural for them to want to get on with that gain freedom

  1. Teens are having difficulties between childhood and adulthood and cannot handle the change in them very well, and when someone is depressed, they tend to lash out to make everyone around them depressed also.
  2. Teens are subconsciously trying their confines. They recognize they can hit the limits when the parent reacts, and yet they will still continue testing the limits in anticipation they are certain where the limits are and the parent is dependable with them.
  3. Teens are often self centered and egotistic. Teens basically want the privileges of an adult with the behavior of a child.
  4. Teens get a kick out of making others around them miserable. Teens enjoy their new-found sense of power, but cannot yet use it wisely.

The following signs tell the teens are rebellious or not.

  • Their Low self-respect
  •  theirs misunderstanding
  •  Manipulative manners
  • their trial with drugs and alcohol
  • their out of control irritation
  • their sadness or depression
  • their inconsistency

If we observe any adolescent and find these symptoms then we can say that he would be insolently rebellious. Often these types teens be aggressive and draw weapons rapidly. We should tell them about loss of these type actions. Parents should be in touch with teens because the communication is always one of the home remedies that can help in dealing with your rebellious teens. It is a hard time for parents when the children are to be rebellious. But, according to a teenager medicine specialist, parents who are thoughtful of changes that guide their teenager development physical, emotional and behavioral will be better equipped to grasp the rebellion.


Dealing with Rebellious Teenagers
Teenagers are at a critical stage in their lives, which is the transition from being a child to maturing into an adult. During this period of their lives they are going through vast hormonal changes and are experiencing pressure from their peers, the media as well as other external influences. At this significant stage in their lives they need their parents to become their friends rather than their parents or the high authority controlling their lifestyles. They need to feel help and support throughout this stage in their lives. You can get some great tips on communicating with your teen from the popular and effective Teenage Parenting 101.

It's important to realize that during this stage in their lives, teens are continuously seeking independence from their parents through all aspects in their lives. They are beginning to develop sexual desires and question the existence of god and spirituality in their lives. They desire to be treated as adults, and they are in constant search for their identities, finding the groups in which they belong and, more importantly, finding themselves.

  1. Give them love, forgiveness and constant support when they experience failure. Teenagers need to be assured that when they make mistakes, they are going to realize it and prevent it from happening again in the future. It is your duty as their parents and friends to always love them no matter what, and to reassure them that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as they learn from those mistakes. In dealing with teenagers during this critical period you need to let them know they will always be loved and you will always be there to support and help their wounds to heal.
  2. Listen to their concerns and nurture them. A great parenting style is when you keep the communications flowing between you and your teen. Don’t let yourself become isolated from them. Always be there for them with a shoulder to cry on and an ear ready to listen. Give them the opportunity to speak without giving them long lectures which make them feel inadequate and incompetent. After all we all make mistakes; teenagers need to be assured that you are not treating them like a child and trying to control them. Speak to them the same way a friend would talk to them; make them feel as though they are having a conversation with a friend rather than their parents.
  3. Acknowledge the boundaries you set for them. Teenagers on a regular basis are constantly re-evaluating the boundaries you set for them, whether they are too strict, too lenient, or overprotective. You must never be overprotective of them because you have to let them fall down and fail so they’ll learn. You must never let your fears get in the way of protecting them. It is your fears which create the overprotective boundaries you put in place for them and in order to combat this you need to be prepared to watch them fail at least once in their lives.
  4. Allow them to make decisions for themselves. In parenting teens, try to accept as many of their requests as possible and give them room to make their own decisions. Allow them to choose their own tastes in clothes, hobbies and activities because these give them a sense of identity and create a stronger bond between both of you as parents and as teenagers. If they feel constant control by you over their lives, that will trigger the mighty force of rebellion embedded in them. Refuse to make their decisions for them.
  5. Praise their good qualities and decisions. Always let them know how you feel about the wise and mature decision they make; this allows communication of their independence to grow and they will feel more adequate. Tell them you love them and that you are proud of them. This makes them feel satisfaction and guides them toward the right path.
  6. Do not compare them to others. Don’t verbally compare your teenagers to their siblings or other people’s children; this infuriates teenagers and creates more anger and rebellion with in them. This also creates sibling rivalry and jealousy. Always acknowledge their uniqueness and good qualities to ensure this doesn’t occur.
  7. Respect them. Always knock before entering a teenager's room. Speak to them respectfully and don’t embarrass them in front of others.

Of course even through nurturing their souls, they will always have the tendency of rebellion embedded in them. Always be prepared for the worst and try to control your anger towards their wrong-doings. Remember to always be there for them as a friend or companion to help them out.
Reasons Why There Are Rebellious Teenagers

Teenage years are a crucial part of growing up. At this stage, they love to explore things and when they are not permitted to do what they wanted, they will rebel. If parents don't know how to deal with their teens it will be a problem. They will become rebellious at home or even in school if teachers don't know how to handle teen agers, they might be the contributing factors of their rebellious attitude. I had been in close contact with teen agers when I was teaching and I was once, an adviser of a teen club. I know how it feels when dealing with teen agers. They want to prove to adults that they can do things their own way. They don't want to be controlled and be under the demands of anybody. They want a mentor who can understand them and give them chance to prove themselves.

Here are some points I got which I considered reasons for their rebellious attitude.

  • Too Strict Rules
    Some parents or teachers are too strict in implementing rules. As if they don't give these young people any chance to reason out, complain or make any suggestions. Since they are in higher authority, the young should follow and obey. When teen agers are under the stern control of older folks, they will resent and rebel. It would be best if teens be given chance to take part in making the rules and agree to the consequences that go with it. This would make them be responsible of their own actions and there would be less violations committed. When teen agers are treated this way, Sure enough, no reason for them to rebel.
  • Unreasonable punishment.
    People who are in authority to give punishment for the mistake or sin committed should do it in a reasonable manner. It is always proper to conduct investigation and weigh things over, before implementing due punishment. There are times when teen agers are not given chance to speak out and explain their side. They considered this as unfair treatment and the next to happen is rebellion. Young people need consideration and understanding. When we are too hard with our teen agers, things get worst.
  • They want Attention
    Some teen agers lack attention. They feel as if nobody cares about them. No one cares to compliment with their accomplishments and success. Parents are too busy and friends don't really care to appreciate their efforts. This is very disappointing to them. They want to be recognized and appreciated. In this desperate situation, they would do something to catch the attention of these important persons in their lives. Some would run away from home. Others will engage in questionable activities just to gain, attention and care from their loved ones.
  • Parents have high expectations.
    There are parents who set high goals tor their teen agers to reach. They have great ambitions of what their teens would become even if they knew, it is far beyond the capacity of their teens to achieve. Expecting too high is oftentimes frustrating. It would sometimes made us inhuman in the sense that we are putting too much pressure on them to make our dream come true. When they failed, they would be scolded or maybe deprived of something they will suppose to have. Teen agers take this as inconsiderate treatment which may cause them to display rebellious attitude. We are driving them away from us .
  • Peer pressure.
    When teen agers are going with friends who are bad influence, they are pressured also to do the same. They felt out of place when they wouldn't do what others were doing. Most often they would give more time and priority to be with their friends than anyone else and when reprimanded, they would rebel. They want to belong to a society of friends whom they will enjoy their company. Wit this, it is very important that teen agers would be guided of whom they are getting along with and what kind of friends they have. They should be given proper guidance by parents and other adults.

Oftentimes, we are at fault why there are rebellious teen agers. It is of our own doing why they rebel. Here are things we should remember. It is always rewarding to have close relationship with our teen agers. We must be there to give them support and advice instead of being too hard on them. We must give considerations for some mistakes and give them chance to do the right thing with proper guidance. No put downs and blaming for these would make the communication closed. They would be scared to open up things because of nagging or scolding. If we are kind and understanding in dealing with our teen agers there would be no rebellious problems Gone Wild, Dads Gone Crazy: Battle-Tested Tips From a Father and Daughter Who Survived the Teenage Years
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I thin inconsistency is a good point. With a roller coaster of emotions and changes in a teenagers life this may not be something they would recognize.