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Dating Tips for Overweight Women

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Dating Tips for Overweight Women

If you are an overweight woman, you may feel a little disheartened when getting ready for dates. You may feel that being overweight prevents you from looking attractive. And of course attractiveness is a key factor in dating.

The mind of an overweight women is conditioned to think that men will never appeal to an overweight women. But this is far from the truth, as every man is different and so are their tastes. That being said, you may still feel a little self-conscious, so here are a couple pointers to help you feel a bit more comfortable.

We know that the dating scene has long been discriminatory against "fat" people. But we know there are small changes an overweight woman can make to her overall poise that can giver her the masculine attention she desires. There are ways you can drastically improve your confidence to become more attractive to the opposite sex, regardless of body size.

The first and most important thing you may need to work on is confidence. Keep in mind that if a man asked you out on a date, then he must be attracted to you, regardless of your weight. There is no reason to worry about something that is obviously of no importance. This guy likes you as you are, so try to stop worrying about your body.

Another highly important point you should keep in mind is to keep your body worries to yourself. If your date compliments you, accept it. You date will not be able to enjoy your company if you are constantly negatively commenting on yourself.

When you're whining about your "flaws" your date will see your lack of confidence, and would soon loose interest thinking you may have other issues to work out before you begin a new relationship. Don't let him know you're uncomfortable with your weight, and keep your confidence level up. He is obviously interested in you, so keep that in mind.

Now that you have the inside covered, lets work on the outside. There are many tips and tricks which you can use to hide extra pounds. Opt for wide belts, umbrella skirts, or try a corset or Spanx under your clothes to camouflage. There are lots of little things you can do to make yourself appear more slender. But just remember that the most important thing you need to do is be confident! 

How to Hide Thick Legs

Did you find your legs a bit thicker than the average? If you got tired of masking them under large dresses and pants, here's the perfect remedy. Those who might find their body proportions unappealing, struggle with finding the right outfit that would camouflage this. Skim through these guidelines that help you hide thick legs and polish your style at the same time.

The world of fashion developed all kinds of tricks and tips on how to emphasize our strengths. However the most sought-after tips are always about how to camouflage certain beauty flaws. For a spotless look, everyone has to find the right clothes and accessories that would do the rest of the job for them. It is essential to proceed gradually when pulling off a breath-taking appearance, that's why it is worth guiding after some basic principles.

The purpose of fashion tricks is to offer loads of confidence to those who might not be totally satisfied with their image. Learning the mastery of style is the secret to create the illusion of thin and well-proportioned legs. Color, shape and pattern all contribute to the ideal result. Feel free to experiment with these ideas to find the ones that can be perfectly embedded in your own personal style.


Most girls with thick legs seem to find refuge in wearing large pants. This can only worsen the situation, believe me. Even if you don't want to draw the attention to them, it is still worth thinking about sporting feminine and stylish skirt that were designed for your body type.
The key is to choose floaty A-line skirts rather than ultra-tight ones that end in the middle of your calves.
The trick lies in the fact that a floaty skirt will enhance the blending of the upper and lower part of the legs, creating a uniform and polished look. Long skirts are also perfect especially if you're not too short.


This is probably one of your favorite masking piece of clothing. Indeed pants can offer you the proper camouflaging and confidence.

However this can also have an unfortunate outcome if you choose the wrong design.  

Fashion gurus created the full length pants specially for you. These due to their floaty and loose quality below the knee will miraculously equalize the overall effect of your legs.

Tight and tapered ones are voguish indeed, however there's no need to sport a style disaster look if not necessary. Celebrities proved that style consciousness is about being aware of your flaws and fortes. It is also worth mentioning that Capri pants are no-no when it comes of thick calves. These will shorten the legs and will expose the critical spots

Footwear is top-notch when it comes of accessorizing. This case makes no exception. Choosing the right design can apparently lengthen and at the same time thin the calves. High heels seem to be the perfect solution to balance proportions. Moreover opt for chunky rather than narrow heels, that would only emphasize the thickness of legs. Peep-toes work great having the quality of shifting the attention from calves to beautiful feet.

Flats are really the best solution for you, especially when topped with ankle straps. These all are killer combos in the worst sense. The shortening of your legs will result in emphasizing your calves. pay special attention to how you select your shoes, since these will help you steal the show.


Make the Best of Short Legs

You have no idea of how to bring the best out of your features with less effort? Then these ideas will lead your through an entire style makeover. Find out how to choose your clothes and shoes in order to create the illusion of long and slender legs.

Some might have difficulties with finding the right pieces of clothing that flatter their body shape. Indeed the best way to have flawless and smashing look is to wear the proper accessories and outfits. Being guided by the latest tendencies is not enough to flash our fashion-consciousness. Adopt the appropriate trends that will help you balance the disproportions and create the illusion of a perfect figure.
The following tips will offer you an overview on how to make the best of short legs. You'll learn about the great importance of designs, colors and forms that can either camouflage your beauty flaws or emphasize your best features. It's not only about looking taller, it's rather of using your parameters still bringing out the maximum of the stylish outfits the world of fashion offers.
Tight Pants No-No Straight leg jeans and tight pants live their heyday in almost every season. However stylist highly advise the avoidance of these pieces when it comes of short legs.
 The worst quality of these pants in this case is that these would pinpoint where the legs start and would even more shorten them.


Short LegsFlare Legged Pants

Flare leg pants however are the best means to create the illusion of long legs. Since these can easily hide the pumps and your legs will look much longer than they really are.

Mid-Thigh Length Skirts Longer skirts expose a mini-proportion of your legs, which is totally disadvantageous. The shorter the skirt the better it is for your legs. If you don't feel confident with miniskirt, choose rather mid-thigh length ones that will emphasize the slenderness of these. I would be a wise move to pair them with some stylish pumps to further enhance the lengthening.

It's a misconception that ladies with short legs should not wear long skirt. Maxi dresses work just as perfectly for them as for long ones. The trick is to choose either dresses that match your top in color or a breezy flowing one.

Empire-Waist DressEmpire-Waist Dress

No-No Short ShirtWhen opting for shirt the best way is to choose ones that camouflage the midsection. This way you'll be able to hide the spot where your legs actually begin. Short shirts are a bad idea since these would expose too much of your legs showing that they are not as long as you would want to.

Babydolls were designed for your shape, make it a medium-long one rather than maxi. These will hide the midsection offering your the proper confidence to sport stylish clothes and de-emphasize the short legs.

Top the PumpsHigh heels are the guarantee to have the dream-length for your legs. The only condition when choosing is to match it with your whole outfit and ideally even with your skin tone. Pointed toes and v-shaped vamps are the perfect choice since these will elongate your legs. Rounded toes are further enhancing the petite figure without letting your whole outfit steal the show.

Mono-Colored OutfitsWearing a mono-colored outfit can do miracles since creating a clear line in your figure is one of the basic tricks to lengthen short legs. Breaking the balance with a rainbow outfit could spoil your appearance. Contrasts are also enemies of your spotless look. Creating the fine line from top to toe is the essential means to make sure that you bring out the best of your short legs.

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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