Communication Problems in Relationships

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Communication Problems in Relationships

The reason many people have communication problems in their relationships is because they have lost awareness of what has caused the problem in the first place.

However, below you'll find tips geared toward helping you regain the peace of mind you had before you started having communication problems. These tips are intended to help improve your "struggling" relationships and prevent these problems from reoccurring.

The Tips:
Discover the root of the problem!
This first tip is often something that many of us fail to do. Instead of getting to the "core issue," we avoid it by talking around the issue (talk about topics that are not meaningful), sweeping it under the rug (pretending like it doesn't exist), and talking to others about the problem instead of talking to the person who has caused the problem.

If you cannot address the problem head on, you'll continually have communication problems.

Be honest with yourself
If you're having communication problems in relationships, now is the time to get honest about why you are having these problems. I suggest that you get in touch with your feelings, thoughts, and experiences to help you do this.

If you need help in this area, I recommend that you check out the Communication Exercises Article to help you face your problems head on.

Discuss one issue at a time.
When you have avoided dealing with communication problems in relationships, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the feelings and thoughts that you kept to yourself for a long period of time. However, addressing all of these issues at once, will not solve any of your problems. As a matter of fact, it will cause more problems.

I recommend that you start with the most important issue first. (And you'll know the most important issue because you have already practiced the first tip I suggested :) However, if you are still not aware of what the root cause is, it's best that you hold off until you know the root problem. Once you have discovered the root of the problem but you're unsure how to communicate this to your loved one, use assertiveness skills in order to effectively communicate in a healthy way.

The importance of listening is often taken for granted. However, if you want to improve communication problems in relationships, effective listening will often do the job. How do you effectively listen?

By closing your mouth, making direct eye contact, and repeating the other person's feelings back to them, so they realize that you understand their perspective. You cannot effectively listen when you are talking over the other person, yelling at them, or failing to understand their point of view. Thus, when you're not effectively listening, you're creating more future problems.

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