Cheating Relationship - Feeling Confused?

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Cheating Relationship - Feeling Confused?

Are you feeling lost, and confused over discovering or feeling suspicious that your partner might be cheating on you in your relationship? Do you also feel like your life has been turned inside out, angry, heart ripped apart, betrayed, and it has come to and end? Being cheated on in a relationship is devastating, and one of the most hurtful things that a significant other can experience. Cheating doesn't just affect you, it also impacts your children, and family members! What leads to cheating are many, and complex, and it is one of the biggest problems in relationships today. You don't have to be confused, because there is help for a cheating relationship!

A healthy relationship is based on honesty, and trust that brings good things to the table! Couples who love one another, experience joy in discovering new things about each other. Both of you are willing to share your pasts, even if they were not exactly the best in the world. A healthy relationship is maintained by values of trustworthiness, understanding, respect, caring, being kind, being helpful, appreciation, and being positive. You enjoy being with each other! On the other hand, cheating in a relationship brings questions of why, doubt, rejection, abandonment, emptiness, anger, sadness, and feelings of betrayal.

You need to be well-informed, and prepared to deal with a cheating relationship! It won't magically disappear! You want to make the best decision whether to save it, or end it!. Many people who decided to work on their cheating relationship, were able to make it better, and healthier. While others decided to end it because they found out that it was in their best interest. The decision will be entirely yours!

There are many complex reasons why a person cheats. Cheating doesn't just start out of the blue, and most likely in the beginning of your relationship, that was not the intention of your cheating partner. Unfortunately, when problems mount in it, people are more likely to cheat! Take a good look at your present situation, and give thought to how it got that way. A partner will look on the other side of the fence, to see if the grass is greener, bottom line!

If you decided that you want your cheating relationship to work, understand that everything becomes re-defined, every nook and cranny has to be examined! You have to look at every aspect of it to see why it wasn't working. Below are concerns to evaluate, so that you can work on your cheating relationship to make it healthy.

Be slow and consistent
It will take time and patience to mend a cheating relationship. Be encouraging, and supportive. Questions that you ask may put the cheater on the defensive. Be aware of them, you are trying to make it better not worse!

Talk about your problems together
Rather than you vs me, approach each problem as a team. Show appreciation on a consistent basis, and don't take things for granted in your relationship. One will not know what the other is thinking if you don't talk your problems with each other. Be appropriate handling negative feelings, and show genuine feelings of affection. Don't show anger or indifference, and keep things upbeat.

Be approachable
Your partner should be able to come to you and talk freely. Be willing to listen, even if it is something difficult. Don't be judgmental or criticize, we are not perfect!

Appreciate the differences
In your relationship, respect your partner for who he or she is. There will always be differences in a relationship. You can't change anyone, only yourself. You can nurture your partner to want to make changes, then it is up to your partner!

Reassure each other
Reassure, and encourage each other about the commitment to change the relationship. Be there for each other to help it grow, and be healthy!

There isn't anything easy when it comes to rebuilding your relationship. You will need time, and patience, but the end results can be extremely gratifying when your relationship is running on all cylinders, and healthy!









Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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