Arguing Effectively With Your Spouse

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Arguing Effectively With Your Spouse

    Argument is common factor in all type of relationship. It is normal part of every relationship and can help bring about healthy progression. Whenever you will argue with some one it is important to argue effectively. You must avoid traps which leads to frustration and bad feelings. In this democratic world argument is very important. many peoples are not aware about argument. Many of the time formal discussion is part of argument. In such case you have to improve your argument an logically defend their points to prove yourself true. Make things up and in exact figure. Try to use weighty sounding words and phrases effects. You will not win argument if you will talk in normal tone. You must be a defensive.


Rules for effective argument

  • State your opinion without backing them up.
  • Memorize some latin abbreviations.
  • Do not forget the classic.
  • Do not think that person is understanding your fundamentals.
  • Do not shout them for elementary things.
  • Ready to explain the premise rationally.
  • Be ready to wrong.
  • Request for forgiveness of your mistake.
  • Ready for accepting the challenge of every thing.
  • Ready to accept the blame on yourself.
  • Do not be a selfish and counter-productive.
  • If you are wrong then commit your mistake.
  • Be polite and give respect to others while talking.
  • Do not be arrogant.

Some ways of argument

  • When you are living in totally wrong direction, you are unable to stop arguing.
  • Alcoholism, drug addiction make you for argument.
  • Refuse the issue of argument.
  • Try to understand your partner's reaction.
  • Take care of your emotions.
  • Consider physical feelings.



















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becky 02/14/2011 19:13

Great post! Thanks for the insight. I appreciate your take on fighting and arguments. It's always tough to know when fighting is productive and when it's too much fighting. I stumbled upon this
blog about fighting like I found yours-

I thought you and your readers might enjoy it as well. Thanks again for the post! I'd like to see more like it.