Are You Appalled!!!

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Are You Appalled!!!


Two things have contributed to a rather extreme crash in self confidence.

Though there are a number of passages noting the relationship between a mother’s testosterone levels and the maturation rates of her children, I can find nowhere the allusion to six weeks before birth being the deciding moment. I’ve noted this dozens of times in my work. I can find no evidence of where I read this.

I am appalled.

In addition, we plugged in Google’s Analytics into my research sites to provide more detailed statistics than the stats we’ve been using. Whereas I’ve been watching blog traffic move above 300 a day with almost 40% coming directly to the site, the new stats show maybe 80 a day with 5-10 people coming directly to the site, the rest through other sites (often my own) or via search engines. Evidently the blogging software completely confused our stats software.

I am deeply chagrinned.

Not only do I feel like an idiot, I feel like an invisible idiot. A combination of allergies running amok, aneurysm, economy and the election seem to be pushing me into narcissistic mood swings of self congratulation and recrimination.

I’m starting to collect information to support the four-pole, eight-person prototype theory of evolution by looking for diseases and conditions that cluster around the eight prototypes. I’ll find papers that support it and papers that don’t. Finding a number of papers that support it doesn’t mean the theory is proven. It just means it has possibilities. One paper will thrill me with its being perfect. Another will depress me when it goes awry. I’ve been here before.

What I need is a model that makes exact predictions. Everything here has to do with probabilities. At best, the theory will estimate the probability that a person with certain hormonal proclivities fitting a certain social structure paradigm will contract specific diseases or conditions a certain percent of the time.

If by some fluke this model is useful, I’m having trouble seeing why an academic would take a leap of faith to embrace it.

Why do Men Lie to Their Girlfriends?

For any relationship to go the right way, the foundation should always be based on trust. Trust is something that is built up with time. Being honest to each other is of utmost importance in any relationship. Although this is something every individual is aware about, I have noticed couples lie blatantly to each other! I have often wondered why do men lie to their girlfriends? Women have also been giving stiff competition to men off late! The problem with men remains to be…well, we can’t live with them nor live without them. Lies only creates more chaos in an already disturbed relationship although a little bit of white lies can at times, save a relationship. So, are men natural liars or is it a habit? My viewpoints are based on what I have seen and observed and the different kind of liars I have met so far! 

There may be various reasons why a guy would choose to lie to his girlfriend. This brings up one really sweet incident to my mind. One of my good friends, Amanda, never did know how to cook and when she met this really amazing guy and started going steady with him, she decided to whip up a good meal for him. The other day I happened to bump into her boyfriend so I casually asked him about the evening spent at her place! He told me he was really deep into the relationship though he admitted she sure was a bad cook! I was appalled thinking he may have blurted the truth to Amanda but he reassured me saying he lied and had told her she is an excellent cook! Well, I guess this man really lied for a reason and it was only because he loved her to a great extent. It left me with a nice feeling all over. 

The other day I came across another situation concerning a couple from my group! The girl had worn something that looked like it was dug up from the attic and when she cooed gently to her boyfriend, saying, ‘How do I look honey?’, I was appalled when her boyfriend said, ‘As beautiful as ever!’ I smiled as I thought if beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder or was that guy really lying to keep his girl happy! There are of course many reasons why a man would lie in this instance; it may simply be to keep out of trouble and being nagged by the girlfriend!

So, I came back to the golden question, why do men lie to their girlfriends? Apart from white lies, men also lie probably if they end up being habitual liars. For such men, telling a lie is no big deal; they lie for fun and as a form of entertainment. For them, telling a lie is merely a habit without any malicious intentions! Well, in that case, it would be difficult to spot a habitual liar although time would reveal the truth! For instance, I knew this person who often pretended to be busy! None of his dates planned at exclusive restaurants ever worked out, there were only false promises saying, ‘I’m busy’ or the usual, ‘I have a very important conference to attend’. In this case the reason could have been genuine, but there are times I felt lies was being told as a cover up for lack of interest. Whatever, the reason, one can never cover up lies for long! Truth always finds a way out and comes to the surface when a person least expects it to!

Men as well as women lie for various reasons (known to them!) But if you wish to be in a long-lasting relationship, then you need to be truly honest to yourself first and then with your partner! With love and trust as the base, you can then have a healthy relationship you can certainly cherish forever.


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA

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