Are you a lighthearted Spouse?

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Are you a lighthearted Spouse?

Contrary to some peoples' beliefs, becoming a more lighthearted companion is not about transforming your personality into a less substantial and superficial version in order to promote a certain joie de vivre to life. It's more about letting go and becoming more relaxed as an individual in order to enjoy life more and assist others in doing the same.

For starters, it helps to focus on the positive aspects of life and to allow more humorous life moments to spontaneously occur. Many individuals are so caught up with the fast pace of modern life and all the stresses that this entails and subsequently lose touch with their lighter, playful sides.

There are few more effective ways to learn about lighthearted behavior and the adopting of this than watching children play. They seem to have a natural ability to simply throw caution to the wind as it were and enter a state of ebullience and enjoyment. Listen to the way they infectiously giggle and move in imaginary arcs seemingly oblivious to the outside world and the pressures of adults.

Not that one can suddenly become a child at the snap of one's fingers, yet it does help to attempt to emulate some of what you see children doing so effortlessly. That being living in the moment and allowing your innate playful whims to emerge. Feel your body uncoil from pent up stresses and unresolved tensions and enjoy just being alive.

Another tip to becoming a more lighthearted companion is to make a conscious effort to participate in activities that are on the lighter side; activities that are life-affriming and enjoyable. Read humorous books, see a funny film with a loved one, play more of your favorite music - even on the way to and from your place of work. Go and see an art exhibition, eat a bowl of your favorite ice-cream flavor, plan an exotic holiday just for the hell of it and live life to the max!

Becoming more lighthearted needn't be an irresponsible quest to divest oneself of any and all of life's responsibilities. It is not a passport to a second childhood but rather a way of dropping one's stressful emotional baggage and psychological tensions in order to open one's life up more. A freeing up and a chance to promote greater enjoyment in all facets of your life.

Changing one's natural and 'heavier' outlook make take some effort and a bit of time to achieve yet the process of becoming more lighthearted as a companion is a journey in itself and often manifests as a gradual transformation of one's personality as one becomes more unfettered by life's demands and begins to lighten the load. Ironically the process of becoming lighthearted is not one of great efforts needing to be made to achieve this goal but rather a commitment one makes to change one's life priorities in order to focus on a more enjoyable existence.

The benefits and rewards for undertaking this transformation are often numerous and exciting. A more lighthearted companion is more fun to spend time with and a joy to be around. One's marriage should improve considerably, especially if one happened to possess a personality that was formerly very serious and restrictive. Lighten up and bring light into the lives of others.

How to really 'seize the day'
A celebrated poet of ancient Rome, Horace, first decreed the importance of seizing the day through his ode of "carpe diem." Now, centuries later, this hint for achieving a fulfilling life is still eminent throughout literature and daily life. I plan to "seize the day" in my own life through my schoolwork, with my friends, and with my family.

As literature throughout history suggests, people make the most out of their lives by living life to the fullest. In order for me to accomplish this in my own life, I plan to set beneficial goals for myself. I will work diligently in achieving these realistic goals. For example, it is an academic goal of mine to apply and be accepted to at least five universities. I hope to achieve this goal by making a substantial effort on my application essays and sufficiently preparing for the college entrance standardized tests. Another life-fulfilling hope of mine is to remain close to childhood friends over the years. I cherish my friendships; therefore, I believe that staying in touch with both old and new companions will prevent loneliness from ever taking a toll on my life. A good way to "seize the day" in this respect would be to give at least one friend a call every day, so as to enjoy a moment of talk and laughter together without waiting for later and possibly missing out on a fun opportunity to get to know each other better. In addition, I believe that fostering continued close familial ties is a great way to lead a life of contentment. With the intentions of carpe diem, I will be sure to always spend at least one holiday a year with my extended family, no matter what age I am or how busy my life becomes. The love of one's family, in my opinion, is the greatest harbinger of joy to a life. Therefore, I will be certain to seize each opportunity to enjoy the wonderful company of my family and make many priceless memories to cherish throughout the rest of my life. Making the most out of life in these three areas is of the utmost importance to me.

In essence, I intend to live my life "seizing each day" as taught by Horace's idea of carpe diem. Through educational, amicable, and loving goals, I will try to make each and every moment of my life have purpose and pleasure. My dedication to my own, self-fulfilled carpe diem is one of many ways in which this old ideal of making each day count lives on in the modern world. Can Be Right or You Can Be Married: Love-Based Solutions for Couples   ~ Brett R. Williams
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