After I married Mr. Right I came to know his first name is "Always"

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After I married Mr. Right I came to know his first name is "Always"

It's a positive sign that you are looking for ways to save a marriage. If more people did that instead of just accepting the divorce, the divorce rate wouldn't be in the upper 80%'s as it is right now. Like you, I was in an ending marriage and wanted to save it. Fortunately, I came across some great outside advice on how to save a marriage, and I was able to prevent a divorce from happening - we are so happy together now! 

Here is some very crucial advice on saving your marriage:
Stop Begging: Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when they want to save a marriage. I did my own share of begging and it made everything even worse. There are so many things that begging affects in a bad way. First of all, you are begging and apologizing not because you have (from the heart) understood the problems and the mistakes you have made; you are begging because you want to save a marriage. Your spouse will definitely notice that and this will further send your credibility down. Also, begging makes you desperate and makes you look pathetic. No one wants a pathetic spouse.

Allow yourself and your husband some time: This one of the best marriage-savers. Allowing some time doesn't mean you have to move out or something, of course. Just stop applying more pressure on your spouse for them to reconsider their stances. This will give both of you some alone time; and it will help you greatly in two ways: a) It makes you calm down and enables you to really think about the issues in your marriage. It gives your brain time to process everything that has been happening lately. b) It gives your spouse some very, VERY precious time without you pressing on them. It makes them reconsider everything. It is a great step on how to save a marriage!

Those tips are really very important in stopping a divorce. These set me on the right way to save my marriage - and it will make you save your marriage too, provided you act correctly! My marriage was failing on every aspect - it was such a troubled marriage that I thought there was no hope.

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