Advice to Keep Long Lasting Marriages!

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Advice to Keep Long Lasting Marriages!

Good marriage advice says that the foremost thing that should be present in a relationship is understanding, both psychologically and sexually.
  1. The first thing you need to use is honesty. You have to be truthful to yourself and the other party. Most people have enough drama in their lives that they don't have to add more as the lies that have been told unravel around them, and, believe me, they always do. First, ask yourself what you are looking for, a relationship or an encounter. After determining you want a relationship, just tell the truth, about yourself, your situations, your likes and dislikes. The more you make up to impress someone, the more it will come back to haunt you.
  2. Next, listen to what is being said. God, in His infinite wisdom, gave humans each one mouth and two ears. He must have wanted us to listen twice as much as we talk. Doing so often allows us to know what is going on around us. Listening is how you learn about the other party, their likes and dislikes, their aspirations and desires. Besides, no one wants to hear how great you think you are.
  3. Want to be with the other person and demonstrate it. Look for opportunities to spend time together. Enjoy every moment you spend together. Holding hands, a kiss, walking with your arm around them is not a sign of weakness or worse. It is a way to show how you feel about the other person.
  4. Sooner or later, you are going to have a disagreement. Imposing your will might get you your way, but at the cost of the relationship. Compromise is a better alternative. Look at both sides of the disagreement and find common areas from which to work.Compromise is not submission. You're not surrendering, just finding alternative ways of doing things.
  5. It's a busy world out there. Things have to be done and time is sometimes not on your side. Help each other accomplish their tasks, allowing for more time together. If this damages your ego, your self-image, then you have bigger concerns than managing a lasting relationship.
  6. Keeping up as friends forever, staying committed and forgiving one another despite of all the problems that arise in a relationship can help people to sustain long lasting relationships.
  7. Accepting the spouse in the way he or she is, shall be a better alternative than asking them to change them selves, as per the demands of the other. This helps in keeping up the level of understanding and romance in life, which essentially rejuvenates the relation.
  8. Good marriage advice also says that all the people should get enough space and privacy in life, especially a husband and wife. A sense of healthy humor in between the relationship can actually help both the individuals to feel more comfortable with each other. Moreover, most couples feel that their partner should not rely on them financially and should take the responsibility on their own so as to support each other effectively. This helps to fight the financial tribulation that sometimes arises and also the fiscal burden is shared by two people making it easier for both to face it off.
  9.  Continue to build intimacy -- both sexually and emotionally -- throughout your marriage.
  10. Create passion for life and for one another.
  11. Forgive one another. Don't hang on to past baggage and past hurts. Be willing to let go and to move forward with your lives.
  12. Continue to be committed to each other and celebrate your sense of commitment.
  13. Like one another and be friends with each other.
  14. Have fun together, laugh together, and use humor in healthy ways.
  15. Comfort, encourage, and affirm one another.
  16. Be able to stand on your own feet as a couple and not be dependent either financially or emotionally on either of your parents.
  17. Respect one another's need for privacy and space.
  18. Parent together.
  19. Deal with a crisis and adversity together.
  20. Fight fair.
  21. Accept your differences and don't try to change your spouse.
  22. Keep romance alive in your marriage.
With good marriage advice, people can lead happy lives with their partners. This will also facilitate the couples to have enough space to make adjustments whenever required. Sharing each other's feelings, thoughts, going to divine places together, finding the middle ground most of the times, dealing with hard times as one and helping each other are some simple techniques to keep up a long lasting wedding. In addition to this, one must always try to create passion in life for the soul mate so as to keep love in the relation as fresh as flowers. So, if you also want to keep up long lasting marriages, make sure you follow all these guidelines.




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michal 09/28/2010 02:06

Thank you very much for these helpful tips. I agree with the sentence "Keeping up as friends forever... can help people to sustain long lasting relationships" but in my country most of the people
don't find the right person - their real friend/soul mate and get married just because our society doesn't accept single people. So they usually get divorced and I often wonder – Is there a way to
help couples like these? Is there a way to save a marriage even if it's not a match made in heaven?