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Admire His Masculine Qualities: SECRET NUMBER TWO


ASSIGNMENT ONE. Praise one of your husband’s masculine qualities before he goes to sleep tonight. Watch for his smile.

ASSIGNMENT TWO.  By asking questions that require long, thoughtful answers, and giving admiration, try and have your husband talk to you about a past achievement, or a future dream, for at least five minutes. (Be openly attentive and DO NOT INTERUPT HIM WITH YOUR OWN THOUGHTS as he speaks.)

ASSIGNMENT THREE. Every second day, sincerely tell your husband how much you admire him for one of his virtues that you listed as part of last week’s assignment. Touch him and smile as you do so. Continue doing this until you have praised him sincerely for all the virtues you have listed.

“Angela, as you are not living with your husband we can excuse you from this week’s assignments, at least for a little while, but all of you who have not yet completed last week’s assignments, please do them as soon as you can. They are the foundation of Fascinating Womanhood.”

“Don’t tell your husband what your assignments are, just do them. They are far more effective that way.” “Now, Rosalyn, would you come up and speak to us first, and then Donna will share her experience with us.”

Rosalyn. True Experience
“I first became acquainted with Fascinating Womanhood about four years ago, through my sister. I was skeptical at first, but finally I was able to set aside my overgrown pride and ask the Lord to help me in a last desperate attempt to save a failing marriage.” “It wasn’t easy at first. I wondered how I could have been guilty of so many wrong attitudes, and that female pride kept sneaking back.”

“I put the teachings into practice. I was so frightened. All I could do was to pray for the courage that I seemed to lack.”

“He was about three hours late coming home, but I didn’t, as usual, question him or complain. I simply said, ‘I know you must have put in a hard day Honey. You deserve some time away from everything. I kept your meal warm so I’ll bring it right to you.’ Suddenly an expression of confused pleasure came over his tired face.”

“After he finished eating I curled up by his feet on the floor and began. ‘Honey, I want you to know that I appreciate you for the strong man that you are. And I realise that you must say no to me once in a while for the good of both of us, and I really respect you for it.’ (I had been begging, pleading and crying for a new outfit I’d seen, but couldn’t have). ‘I couldn’t feel safe or secure with someone who let me push him around. I just want you to know I love you as you are, and wouldn’t change a single thing about you.”

“Well, I can’t even begin to describe the expression that came over his face. I only know it was one with deep warmth and love for me. Then he pulled me close to him and held me for a long time. He actually wept, and I wept with him out of happiness for the moment and of real hope for the future.”

“The next day he came in acting rather strange and with a big box. And do you know what he had done? He had gone shopping and bought a complete outfit for me and both of the children. It was all there, from shoes to hats. I just couldn’t believe it. Now it was my turn for tears. I knew that I was on my way to being a Fascinating Woman.”

“That was four years ago. He still surprises me with flowers, or some little token of his love, and I still shed
a tear or two.” “He says it makes him feel great to know he can make me happy. Our marriage is indestructible. Fascinating Womanhood is absolutely beautiful, and never stops snowballing into something bigger and better everyday.”

Donna. True Experience
“My husband and I had been married thirteen years, most of them unhappy. We had separated three times, and I had decided to leave him for the last time. I had given up on him.”

“About this time a friend of mine told me about Fascinating Womanhood and encouraged me to take the class. I told her that nothing could be done for that stubborn husband of mine, and I might as well give up, but she begged me to take it. By then we had already separated.”

“I was worse than miserable. A numbness went through me. After the first class, I prayed as I had never prayed before. I prayed that my husband would want to see me and talk to me. He did.” “I decided to take him back, but I was afraid. How was I to know it was going to work.”

“At the next class the teacher told us to compliment our husband on his manliness, muscles, etc. I didn’t think I could bring myself to say something like that.” “Finally, just before the next class, I knew I had to do something, because the teacher would ask us about it. So I waited until we were in bed and the lights were out. I thought I would faint. Finally I told him what beautiful muscles he had.” “As soon as I said it, he took me in his arms and kissed me over and over. This is when our new marriage began.”

“I was told not to expect material rewards, but a happy marriage. I received both. Some of the things my husband has bought me without asking are; a beautiful nightie, a typewriter, a trip to Hawaii, a new stove, table and chairs, bedroom carpeting, perfume and flowers.”

The teacher wiped tears from her eyes as she thanked Donna, and Rosalyn for coming along tonight. “These are not isolated experiences class. All of you can have similar, beautiful experiences. Remember, admiration is your husband’s life blood. Just as tender, romantic experiences are a woman’s lifeblood.”

“Before we say good night, can I suggest that you start a Love Book. A Love Book is a little pink or red notebook in which you write all the tender, romantic things your husband says to you as you live Fascinating Womanhood. I have one. I’ve kept it for years. It’s the most priceless treasure I own.”

Angela felt excited as she drove home. It was all starting to come clear to her now. Ted had been starved of admiration for years.

She now felt real hope. Deep down inside she felt that everything could turn out fine. Before going to bed that night, Angela wrote Ted a note of acceptance to complete her assignment for last week.

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