A Dating Foreplay and Seduction

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A Dating Foreplay and Seduction

It's very important to see the warm-up level and the seduction level as two SEPARATE things. A lot of men make a mistake here by trying to move in too fast - or trying to make HER move too fast.

The ideal date should START with simple, honest pleasures.  Think about the things you enjoyed on a trip out when you were a kid, before you knew what sex was. If you approach the date like this then the way the girl will see it is that you're a nice, honest guy who can give her a good time without expecting anything in return.

Again, unlike what you might think, most girls won't think you're soft because you haven't 'tried it on' on the first date. Plus, it's much easier to give her a great date if you don't move up to the seduction level until you're completely ready. You'll be much more relaxed and CONFIDENT if you're not worrying about how you'll perform later on.

Also remember, if you give her the perfect date she'll want to see you again and again. This gives you a chance to score again and again - AND build a diary of live contacts who'll be waiting to date you whenever you feel like it.

Here are some things you can do that will impress on a date :--

Call her unexpectedly just before the date - to remind her of the time and place. Girls worry about being stood up and if you do this she'll jump to the conclusion that you really must care !

Change what you're going to do at the last minute without telling her! Girls are turned on by surprises and men who do things on the spur of the moment. However , girls spend hours deciding what's best to wear so don't change from a posh restaurant date to a hike in the woods. Not unless you give her some warning .

BUT always PLAN what you're doing. For example, if going to a restaurant make sure you know exactly how to get there, what's on the menu - and what it is etc. This will make you look super-confident and with an exciting social life .

Get her a present. Chocolates and flowers are a bit boring - records, cuddly toys or bits of jewellery all impress. It needn't be expensive. Believe it or not girls still go for this sort of thing in a big way so try it!

Always OFFER to pay if you've set up the date. But if she offers to pay for anything let her. Girls go for men who are big enough to let them pay .

Treat her like a person. You wouldn't leave one of your mates waiting for you for an hour without a reason, so don't do it with her .

Other girls are OFF LIMITS whilst on the date. You can't kill two birds with one stone!

Finally, the odd kiss is fine but do nothing more until you reach the SEDUCTION LEVEL. Don't mention sex in any way yet she'll find it much sexier that you haven't and it can even make her more interested in you.

It's much easier than you think to get an enviable reputation as a hot date and so get girls wanting to meet you, rather than you having to meet them. Girls cannot help but gossip and once you've dated one in a particular place your reputation will spread far and wide. ( But this applies whether it is good or bad , so be warned !)

In the first place, of course, you must make sure every date goes well - I've already talked about this earlier. But the following techniques will also help :

Do your research. Date girls who KNOW each other, but not necessarily well, and admit what you're doing. See why this works next.

ALWAYS show an interest in her FRIENDS and COMPLIMENT THEM She will always tell them what you have said which will hot them up no end. (Rarely does a girl realize that she could lose you by doing this.)

Tell her you have friends who would like to date her friends. Girls cannot resist matchmaking. Her friends will come chasing you for their dates which is your chance to move in on them.

Take some of your dates through the CHAT-UP LEVEL and WARM-UP LEVEL but STOP before the SEDUCTION LEVEL This works for the reasons explained later.

Believe me, this creates a reputation which will drive most girls wild.

The aim is to use this book to build up as many live dating contacts as you require. Four or five live contacts at any one time is enough for most men.

But what happens when she finds out you're dating other girls.

The solution here is never to try and hide the fact. Admit it. If you've dated her well she'll usually put up with the situation, at least for a while, and she might not even mind.

There's a little bit of jealousy in every girl that makes a two-three-or-four-timing man that bit MORE ATTRACTIVE and even more keen to date you.

What girls REALLY HATE - and what will cause you to end up with a pint of bitter in your face - is if you LIE to her and pretend there is no one else.

Again, make sure YOU suggest that the time has arrived for a closer relationship. Maybe you have been afraid to do this before, but you should try it next time. If she does want you, she'll admire your confidence. (Even if she's bold enough to suggest it, you'll have missed a chance to impress her.)

It makes all the difference if you tell her that you want to MAKE LOVE to her. NEVER, EVER tell her you want to HAVE SEX with her. 'Make love' was the best phrase ever invented when it comes to seducing girls because, to them, love is more important than sex.

Watch her reaction carefully. She's NOT READY if she says no, pulls away, or makes ANY excuse to get away. You'll know she's ready if she looks at you, then looks away, perhaps with some embarrassment, smiles, giggles, kisses or hugs you tight. The very mention of sex should turn her on at this stage and if it doesn't there's obviously something wrong.

This sort of situation seems like a nightmare at the time, but is really quite easy to handle once you know how!

The secret here is to play her at her own game. Get her well warmed up with the techniques covered in the WARM-UP LEVEL.
Then suddenly go back to the techniques in the CHAT-UP LEVEL.
Plus, avoid any touching or any mention of sex. In other words cool things right down.

Now, believe me, this puzzles EVERY girl. Because she's not used to a man turning cold on her. (The way she sees it, that's a girl's choice.) When you do this, she will think either of two things , both of which will DRAW HER TOWARDS YOU:

  1. She will think you are 'not up to the job' when it comes to sex. This gives her a feeling of power and confidence. If she fancies you she'll make it her aim to seduce you. If she doesn't, the wicked side of her nature will tempt her to see how you perform. Whichever way she plays it you'll end up with the result you want!
  2. She will think that she's not attractive enough for you. In this case she'll try even harder to make herself attractive and make it even easier for you to move on to the next step ...

As one said right at the beginning, all girls put love before sex. Mostly, they only want to have sex with men who they think care for them. They're looking for LOVERS who will be caring and loyal before SEX MACHINES. Not many girls want sex with a man unless they believe he cares for them. Even though this is the 1990's - and despite what you read in papers and magazines - very few girls pick men up for sex.

SO MAKE SURE YOU CONVINCE HER YOU CARE FOR HER. (Whether you do is a different thing.) To do this talk about her. Say how much she means to you. Compliment her personality. Compliment her body. And use the truth technique to make all this stick!

Touching is a great way to convince her. And this is exactly why I think you should avoid much touching until you're at this level. Most girl go crazy inside when they're touched or held by a man they like. BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE IN A SENSITIVE , GENTLE WAY and in the RIGHT PLACE. If you paw her all over her body, and hold her too tight , she's likely to cool down very quickly.

Holding hands is the best way to make the first touch. Weave your fingers through hers - It feels more EQUAL than just holding her. If you're walking together, put your hand in her back pocket, or just on her waist, and get her to do the same with you - she'll find your bottom very sexy.

When she's comfortable with that swing her towards you. Then pull her into your chest - most girls love it when they can feel safe and protected by their man. Good places to hold her are behind the shoulder blades or, lightly, on the waist. Hold her at a slight distance. Don't put your arm right round her just yet.

Hands OFF her bottom, breasts or thighs now - these are fine for bed but not now. If it's a public place she'll only feel embarrassed and turn off - even if she actually enjoys it. If you're dancing close don't push yourself into her - stand firm and let HER cuddle into YOU.

Some really good places to touch, which will excite her;
without going too far, are her ears, the back of her head, and her back. Plus girls are into hair - So play with it! Wipe it back off her face and stroke her cheek at the same time. And if you ever get the chance to slip her shoes off and hold or massage her feet - go for it! This is the hottest thing you can do to her without actually having sex!

When you're this close whispering in her ear is sexier than talking and draws her to you. Small pecking kisses give her a lot more sensation than one long, hard kiss. Don't keep your lips on her lips - her cheeks, ears, neck, shoulders, hands and forearms are all very sensitive and show her that you've got a bit more imagination than the rest.

Finally - keep the eye contact up. She needs to know that you mean what you're saying - and what you're doing.

And that's it! You've scored! With a bit of luck she should be sizzling red hot ready to satisfy your every desire!

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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