Romantic Moves That Make Women Melt

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Romantic Moves That Make Women Melt

  1. He packs my lunch
    "My sweet boyfriend, Seth, makes my lunch every day for work. Not only do I never have to think about what I'll have for lunch/when I'll make it/if I need ingredients, but he gets up early to do it while I sleep in."

  2. He brings me treats
    "There are tons of things that Greg does that I love, love, love, but the thing I adore the most is that whenever I go away without him, he picks me up from the airport with a little surprise, like flowers or candy. One time I went away with my girlfriends, and he picked us all up and gave each of the girls a chocolate-covered strawberry."
  3. He spoils me
    "John leaves for work at the same time that I wake up. So every morning he wakes me up with a kiss and an 'I love you'' or 'Sleep a little longer, you deserve it' or 'I'll miss you.' Every evening, he comes home after a long day, gives me a kiss and then goes straight to cooking dinner. Don't even get me started on how he spoils me on the weekends!"
  4. He does the little things
    "Here are the top four things my husband does that I can't live without: 1) He always takes out the trash, always; 2) the first thing he does when I get home is put my coat and bag away so I can relax as soon as I get in the door; 3) he doesn't let me leave the apartment without a kiss goodbye; 4) he makes the bed every morning."
  5. He makes me giggle
    "When my husband and I were first dating, he used to send me multimedia video texts of himself actually talking to me. One day, he decided it would be funny to start sending me videos of himself singing in the shower and would act like I just busted in on him before telling me he was thinking about me or missed me or was looking forward to our date that evening. It was totally random, but it always cracked me up and made me fall for him a little more every time he sent me one. I am so glad I had the foresight to save all those videos to my hard drive before that phone died its final death. I will always cherish them."
  6. He's not afraid of my dirty laundry
    "Any time I call my man, he always greets me with a cute little song about how he loves me or how beautiful I am. Also, he will do my laundry without my even having to ask … now that's a turn-on!"
  7. He leaves me love notes
    "Ian writes me a note every morning before he leaves for work and puts it on my BlackBerry so it's the first thing I see before starting the day. He never misses a day, and it makes me smile every time."
  8. He warms up my car
    "When the seasons change and it starts to get cold out, Patrick immediately turns on my car-seat warmer whenever we go for a drive. He does this without my even having to think about it — very important winter behavior!"
  9. He cooks what I like
    "He goes out of his way to cook me something that I love but that he doesn't like."
  10. He finds new ways to say "I love you"
    "My boyfriend and I are in the middle of a long-distance relationship, and since we're apart most of the time he finds little ways to write "I love you" and send me a picture of it. Writing it in the sand, sculpting it in the snow. It always makes me happy to know that I have such a romantic—and creative — boyfriend."
  11. He always thinks about me
    "My husband is a huge gadget/home tools geek, and whenever he finds a new inexpensive toy that he's really excited about or thinks I could use, he always buys one for me as a surprise — stuff as disparate as a special earbuds for my iPod, a heart-rate monitor for running, a hanging razor-blade handle for the shower, ear warmers that stay on your ears without a band, etc. Half the time I don’t even use the item, but it always makes me smile to know that he was thinking of me and excited about getting something to make my daily life just a little bit more comfortable."
  12. He still buys me flowers
    "The best thing that Nathan does for me is buy me flowers, sometimes for no reason at all. We've been together for three years now, and thus he's become really good at telling when I've had a horrible day. He'll surprise me with flowers to cheer me up, and it always works."
  13. He smiles when I walk in the door
    "The way Kevin greets me when I come home after a long day is the thing I love most. He is always waiting for me with a smile on his face and a happiness about him that is contagious. It makes me feel so good that he is so excited to see me, and I know that he makes a conscious effort to be in a good mood so that I will be in a good mood. All the way home I look forward to that smile and the hug that is waiting for me."
  14. He supports my weight-loss goals
    "Even when I mention to my husband that I'm doing away with carbs — yet again — I come home from work to find that he's made me variations of my favorite foods: a flourless goat-cheese quiche for breakfast and sugarless cocoa pudding for dessert! It makes me so happy to know that regardless of my many diet and health attempts, I'll always have his support."
  15. He doesn't make fun of my phobias
    "If I hear a noise in the apartment at night — which happens quite often — my boyfriend will get up and check to make sure everything is OK, even though I know he thinks I'm being ridiculous. It's the little things that count!"

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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