Ways to Make Your Woman Uncontrollably Orgasm

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Ways to Make Your Woman Uncontrollably Orgasm


There are a few sexual positions that increase a woman's ability to climax. The most important factor is finding the best sport for the girl, taking in account that each body type is unique. Some women are sensitive enough to have a lively orgasm from penetration on its own, and some require their clitoris to be stimulated before an orgasm can happen. Most women will like these five sexual positions. Try them all out and decide on your favorite!

Method #1: 

Women generally want deep penetration, which makes the missionary position one of the favorites. Thrust in and out while fingering her clitoris for additional stimulation.

Method #2: 

For better missionary sex, try lifting her leg and sliding into her from the side. This allows for deeper penetration and makes it easier to stimulate her g-spot.

Method #3: 

This sexual situation allows for the highest amount of pleasure and also allows for very easy access to her clitoris It's right there when you gently reach around her body while you're penetrating her. Doggy style also gives the woman the ability to control the speed of thrusting, pushing back or pulling forward.

Method #4: 

Women like to be on top because this gives them room to move their body around until they find the sweet spot. This position makes for easy stimulation of the clitoris ending with multiple orgasms.

Method #5: 

Start out using the previously mentioned position, but once you're inside her, sit up so your faces come together.

It's easier moving around for you and her , and it also makes orgasms a lot better. For an intense, body shaking orgasm-- stimulate a woman's clitoris, as it is very sensitive to fingering and is easily accessible.

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Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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