Wonders of Acceptance

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Wonders of Acceptance


Thinking you can change your spouse to suit yourself is one of the greatest mistake anybody can make in marriage. It is only the creator that can change an individual, but if you continue, you will create tension in your home. The only favor you can do to yourself, your spouse and your marriage is to accept your partner as a person.

Effects of Acceptance in Marriage:

  • High self esteem: When you accept your partner, it makes him or her to believe in himself or herself. 
  • Pay Back: The partner that is accepted is likely to return the gesture by accepting his or her partner too.
  • Love: Acceptance is the mother of love, love is likely to be in the house where the mates accept each other. 
  • Peace: There would be no tension at all. 
  • Romance: Romance and better sex is likely in the presence of acceptance. 
  • Better Marriage: The end result of acceptance is good marriage.

How to Accept your Spouse:

  • Know that he or she is a creature of God. He or she did not make himself or herself and should be appreciated. 
  • You are not better: Note that your spouse has complains about you that he or she decided to overlook. 
  • Maturity: Know that only mature husbands or wives accept each other. Baby husbands or wives are fond of complains, comparing and condemning. 
  • Pray that God should give you the grace to accept your spouse 
  • Focus on the good aspects of your spouse always. 
  • Always appreciate your spouse for his or her good deeds, habits or outlook. 
  • Take a decision in your heart to stand in love and accept your spouse. 
  •  Praise God for giving you such a wonderful man or woman to marry.


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