How to Make Him Feel Sorry For Your Mistakes

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How to Make Him Feel Sorry For Your Mistakes 

The human being is one who is not perfect. It is but normal for humans to make mistakes, be it a woman or a man. Usually, in a couple, it is the male partner who says that it is the woman who has to apologize when a mistake is made on anyone’s part. To the male, whether the woman or the man is wrong, it is the woman who has to apologize. However this need not always stand true as it is very much possible for you to make your male partner sorry for your mistakes too.

One of the most important tools for a successful marriage relationship, or any relationship for that matter, is to be able to forgive each other for mistakes. In fact, being able to forgive is a great way of keeping you and your body emotionally and physically healthy. So if you make your husband forgive you for your mistakes, you enjoy your relationship much better because you understand each other much better.

Mistakes in a marriage can be anything and everything. Sometimes you may say something you don’t actually mean to your spouse. The reason you say such things could be because of something your partner had said, that had hurt your feelings. In such situations, it is definitely the male who has to make first attempts to forgive you for your mistakes. Though it may be difficult for both of you to forgive, forgiving is an important aspect of a successful relationship.

If you have a fight, and you feel and know that it was his fault and actions that led to the fight, then you should let him know that it was his mistake. You have to continue with your work, without actually fighting with him. The quieter you are, the more he will repent for his mistakes. Just carry on with your work, as if nothing had actually happened. He will gradually go over what happened in the fight, and realize his mistake and why he should not have said nor done what he had done. This is when he will feel sorry for your mistakes and his and forgive you.

Many a time, the reason for a fight in a relationship arises because of work not being done by the spouse, cooking that is not right and perhaps late meetings and appointments. Maybe you had not completed the chore that your partner had assigned to you because of your prior assignments or engagements. You have to then explain to him the actual reason for you not being able to complete the assigned chore. Once he understands your predicament or situation, it is more than likely that he will forgive you for your mistakes.

This shows that transparency is very important in a marriage. If you hide your activities from your partner, you will not be able to explain the reasons for your mistakes. So avoid hiding things that are not meant to be hidden in your relationship, and you find that he will readily forgive you for any and all mistakes that you make.



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