Men Will Preferably Avoid Dating This Type Of Women

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Men Will Preferably Avoid Dating This Type Of Women

It is only human to seek sound advice when you are in doubt, but when it comes to relationships; it seems as if everyone has some sort of dating advice for women. This normally takes the trend of going to extremes to stress the type of woman that men prefer avoiding, and what female mannerisms will be acceptable to them. 

Under these circumstances where advice is forthcoming from every family member, friends and even ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends, it is wise to take heed of what is being said. It is up to you to make an informed decision as to the authenticity and sincerity of the advice on whether men will definitely avoid a certain type of woman. So what are the characteristics of women that men prefer to avoid? Let’s hear what some of the advice amounted to.
  • Being late for a date or excessive delays when being picked up. Men are usually on time and dislike the notion of being delayed and having to wait for a woman when the pick up time has been agreed on long in advance. This will just impact on the total amount of time that is available to enjoy the outing and can therefore turn off men. 
  • Failing to acknowledge a compliment when it is given. Most men will go out of their way to compliment you on a date, and will feel bad if the compliment is not accepted in a gracious manner. This is an instance where you must drop your modesty and not to go on endlessly on how you don't deserve it. A simple 'thank you' will do wonders and is all that is required. 
  • Talking about your ex when you're on a date with a new man is tantamount to signing the death warrant for the future of the relationship. Men do not want to hear about your ex-husband or old boyfriend. They will get the impression that you are still attached to the person and it could scare them away real quick. 
  • Woman that are pretentious and clearly acting beyond who they really are is only doing themselves a disfavor. Just be yourself because it is no good to put on a front. Your date will either like you for who you are, or he will give hints and signs that he doesn't. If your divorce has not yet come through, tell him that you are separated and waiting on proceedings to be finalized. This is much better than letting it slip out unknowingly later in the day after a few drinks. 
  • Men like women that keep things simple and avoid unnecessary complications. Maintain a positive attitude, even though your circumstances might not have been rosy in your very recent past. Be upbeat, look at the brighter side of life as men definitely don't like to spend time with a woman who constantly has negative things to say. 

Dating might not be easy all the time, but by being aware of the type of women that men prefer to engage with, you will definitely have the edge over many of the other female contenders out there.




Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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