How to Live in a Unsupportive Relationship

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How to Live in a Unsupportive Relationship


First lets state that it is no fun to live with a negative person or be in a unsupportive relationship. Think of all the times you were excited about something. It always goes the same way, you can’t wait to share your excitement with your significant other and they are indifferent or actually go out of their way to belittle it. Though this continues to happen, you still long for that person to care and share in your excitement. Little by little this kind of rejection by someone you love can make even the strongest person grow tired. You can even start to doubt your own opinions and ideas. So what do you do when your relationship causes you to stop chasing your dreams?

  1. Sit down with your partner and tell them how they make you feel. If they are combative and deny making you feel this way, then you are probably going to get nowhere trying to explain it. Seeking professional relationship counseling would be great advice, but lets be honest this may not ever happen or be a possibility.
  2. Keep a positive attitude, do not let your unsupportive relationship stop you from pursuing your dreams. Take control of your own emotions and remind yourself that you can only control your own actions and emotions. Nothing will make your partner take notice more than you chasing your dreams despite their negativity.
  3. Build a support network of friends and family that are positive and support you. Talk to the positive people around you about your ambitions. It really hurts to not share good things in your life with your partner, but if they are only going to discourage you then it is time to talk to a more supportive audience.
  4. Lead by example. Just like children learn what they live, your partner has learned this type of behavior somewhere in their life. You must be supportive and encouraging in anything that they are doing, even if they are not supportive of you.
  5. Start a journal of how you feel along this journey of finding yourself again and chasing your dreams. You will be surprised at how much writing your thoughts down on paper can actually help you and your relationship. Write all the things you wish you could say, maybe your partner will find the journal and realize how much they are missing out on.
  6. Love yourself and remember that you and only you can control your destiny. You are worth what you say you are worth, and no one can take that away from you. It’s never to late to take back control of your own happiness.



Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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