Annoying Guy Habits

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Annoying Guy Habits


Adjust Your Attitude

Wow ... now that's attractive! Yikes. You think by doing this the girls will swoon? Yeah, good luck with that. There is nothing more disgusting then a guy adjusting his "junk." It makes us think that there's something down there that's NOT right. Is that the signal you want to be sending? That's what we thought!

Waiting by the Phone

This one is simple. If you say you will call ... then DO IT. There is nothing more annoying for us girls if you say you will give us a ring and then you don't. Not only do you piss us off, but we will make damn sure to tell any other girl you may be interested in how big of an ass you are. Hmph!

No Picking or Flicking

Usually no good thing comes after the word "picking," unless we are talking about flowers or fruit. Picking anything on your body is really not attractive. This includes your nose, crotch, pimples, scabs, butt or any other crusty things. Ewww. We don't even need to say more.

Hand It Over

What is the deal with the remote? Seriously. We have a right to know. Guys love being in control of the remote control, and honestly, being taken care of is nice and all, but you need to give it a rest some times and learn when it is best to SHARE. Didn't you learn that in like kindergarten? And flipping channels or channel surfing shows us that you cannot commit. Annoying!

Up in Smoke

Smoking is disgusting and just because you are old enough doesn't mean that all of a sudden it is attractive. It reeks and makes YOU stink, turns your teeth yellow, creates more phlegm, not to mention it is bad for your body. All around it is disgusting, for both guys and girls. Don't start to begin with and if you do, then quit.

Toilet Training

Come on ... give us a break. It takes two seconds; just put the seat DOWN. Yeah, yeah, we have heard the response, "Why can't girls keep the seat up for guys?" Um, have you seen what splashes up on the bottom of the seat? Yeah, we didn't want to go there, but you made us. So put the toilet seat down and hide what lies beneath, please.

Snap, Crackle, Pop ...

Now girls tend to be more known for smacking their gum, but guys do it too. And don't even get us started with the spitting. What's the deal with that? No one wants to see that, first of all, let alone accidentally walk in that. Ewww. Can you please keep your spit to yourself and don't smack your gum. It's SO annoying!

Kiss & Tell

It's difficult to hook up with us to begin with, so why are you going to mess up your chances for round two by kissing and telling? Yeah, we get that you want to come across all cool to your friends and tell them how you scored, but why don't you think about how that will embarrass and hurt us, and more importantly, hurt your chances for another hook-up. Think first!

Blame It on the Dog

We know, it's hilarious ... we can't deny it either. But there are appropriate times and places to pass gas. If you are looking to impress a girl, it wouldn't be a great time to fart or burp. With your guy friends, let it loose ... we don't care. Just keep it clean for us girls ... at least until we like you enough to maybe bust one in front of you.

Licking a Toilet Bowl

OK, it may not seem like a gross habit, but biting your nails is one of the most disgusting things you can do. First, girls like guys with nice hands and who keep themselves well taken care of. Second, biting your nails is like licking a toilet bowl. Gross, huh? You have tons of bacteria that live under your nails and you are putting those germs directly in your mouth.

Listen Up

Seriously ... is it really so difficult to just pay attention for like two seconds when we have something to tell you? Guys, it's no secret that concentrating is not always your strength, especially during puberty, but if you can just give us your attention and listen once in awhile, we can guarantee it will be to your benefit.

Don't Be a Cheater

Now, we don't mean to simply single out guys here since we know girls can be cheaters too, but you have to admit that guys are more known for having their cake and eating it too. Be honest. Is that so much to ask? If you want to be with us, great, but if you are wavering, break up with us. We would rather you be honest then cheat. Yes, we will be sad, but at least we won't be pissed.

Competitive Eater?

Oh my. Perhaps you should consider having one meal while looking in the mirror so you can see what you are putting us through. If you are not in a competitive eating contest, then slow it down and take small bites. And FINISH CHEWING before you speak. Say it, don't spray it. There is no reason that someone else needs to have your meal all over them. It is really disgusting. Oh, and chew with your mouth CLOSED.



Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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